Friday, October 12, 2007

New trees a taxing problem

“At the very least, if the mayor is going to require homeowners to have street trees, the city should pick up the tab,” Councilman Tony Avella said.

Speaking at a press conference in Bayside on Friday, the mayoral candidate called attention to inherent flaws in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed tree planting amendments for PlaNYC 2030.

He pointed out that while new trees were mandatory, the plan failed to protect existing mature trees.

Mayor’s New Tree Regs Fall On Homeowners

Avella calls city tree plan a burden on residents

Here's a slideshow on the amendment from city planning:

Street Tree Planting Text Amendment


Taxpayer said...

Typical Bloomberg.

Pay the increased taxes.

Obey my mandates. Pay for implementing my mandates.

Never question my decision. If I decide that you must do something for me at your expense, just shut up and do it!

This is how I run my company. This is how I run my city. I demand, you comply!

Anonymous said...

Der Mayor has a problem with trees
since some political cartoonist
suggested hanging him in effigy from one
this past July !

I think we all can raise some money
to provide a tree upon which "his honor"
might be a scarecrow....
and invite displeased Queens taxpayers
to take their best shot at him with custard pies !

Oops....could that be considered a threat ?
I think not....we're safe on this one !

Ant said...

Taxing? Really?

$500 - $800 dollars for someone to pay to plant a tree in front of a new house isn't a big deal.

It's pathetic for Avella to claim it's unfair to force low-density, small-family homeowners to pay such a "a huge expense".

People least able to afford it aren't the people building new homes, and the cost of a tree won't make or break anyone who plans to.

One tree isn't enough either. If a rear yard is miraculously left, there should be a tree mandated there too.