Friday, October 12, 2007

Downzone the whole borough already!

Speed up Flushing rezonings: Kelty

Rosedale Waits For Rezoning

City unveils St. Albans rezone plan

CB 9 wants zoning to limit lawn paving


Anonymous said...

Oh no, don't do that. Do it piecemeal. The LAST thing you want are people working together or sharing notes with each other.

You give a little bit here.
(Oh let's keep quite because now we feel like 'insiders').

You give a little bit there.
(Oh, such unparalleled access - don't share our little inside gambit.)

Make them jump through hoops.
(Now we are working hard and spending lots of time so we buy everything said to us -too much has been spent on this to turn back)

Make sure they are isolated
(Let's not listen to someone else's warning - they must have said the wrong thing to the wrong politican and are out of the loop so they are tainted - stay away and ignore their experiences and advice)


Then blandly let the developers loose on you and you stand powerless as they ride roughshod over laws and regulations. A few spot zones here and there and suddenly the 'privlidged' don't feel so confident.

Of course, by then its too late. They either get discouraged or give up the struggle.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry folks....
there is already an established pecking order
as to who gets served first, second, third.......
and who waits for 3 years to get considered
for down zoning !

Which type of neighborhood
do you live in ?

Anonymous said...

there's a big difference between the way
the leafy green nabes
and the sanctuary hoods get served
from the down zoning table !