Sunday, July 8, 2007

Victoria's secret weakness: Geography

"Hello Crapper:...Check out Madame's latest "Victoria's Secrets" column: Oslo-the home of Ibsen and Viking ships.

There it is, in the very first sentence, for all the world to see - the blatant stupidity of this so-called 'newspaper publisher': We docked in Oslo, one of the wealthiest cities in the Netherlands - made up of Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Hey, Ms. Victoria Schneps-Yunis: Norway, Sweden and Denmark comprise SCANDINAVIA! - NOT THE NETHERLANDS!!!!

Further along: Claire [Shulman] and I explored the museums...
Question: Do these broads even know WHERE they were?

Under the photo caption again (just so the readers don't think I'm making this up): Oslo is one of the wealthiest cities in the Netherlands.

Crapper, ALL is lost.

Have a nice day...."


Anonymous said...

She obviously is a former geography teacher in the New York City public school system...

Thanks for the laugh... pointing out the dire editorial prowess of local newspapers here in Queens.

Anonymous said...

At some point, after banging my head against the wall one to many times on getting a quote in, or getting a press release printed, or reading some pabulum from a politician's desk that was supposed to be masquerading as news, it suddenly occurred to me that the problem was not me, but the message.

I stopped believing what they told me. Now the papers are merely annoying as far as I am concerned, but dangerous in that they are damn effective in warping the public's perception on what is really going on.

They have no creditability. I don't believe anything I read in them.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Schneps ......or is it "schnapps".....maybe..... she was drunk ?

I doubt it!
She's just as removed from is her traveling companion "cloudy" Claire Shulman !
It's time for them both to retire gracefully (if that's at all possible) ! Say "goodbye" grandmas !

Vicki doesn't even know what the hell is going on in Bayside let alone, Queens, NYC and definitely not the rest of the planet !

As long as she's dressed in white (her favorite color, I understand) she's in La La Land surrounded by her aura of self importance !

Well, no self respecting Viking such as Eric The Red would give her the green light and take her captive !

Anonymous said...

She can't help's the long lasting effects of all that hair bleach.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you were making a good point with this, but then you call them "broads." Do you know how ignorant you sound by using that term. Do you have a wife or mother or sister? If they did something unintelligent would they mind if someone called them a bunch of broads?

georgetheatheist said...

U R G E N T message to Joshua Schneps, Associate Publisher and progeny of Ms Schneps-Yunis:

Josh, it is now time to take mother's car keys away. Also, there are nice assisted-living facilities in the vicinity which I'm sure Mom would like.

Queens Crapper said...

I have no wife or sister, but my mother is one tough broad, and definitely not this stupid. Besides, this was sent in by someone and reposted.

Anonymous said...

The term "broad" is a time tested and well respected American slang expression .

It even made the cut in the classic Broadway musical hit "South Pacific" !

Nellie (yes....a woman) in the shower scene.....mimicking and dressed like a sailor.....belts out the tune "Honey Bun":

".....and she's broad where a broad should be broad......101 pounds of fun.... that's my little honey bun...get a load of honey bun tonight....." !

Can you dig it "anonymous dope #5"? Lighten up !

Anonymous said...

Why is she printing this crap?Why doens't she cover the stuff that Queens Crap covers?

Who cares what she does, or what clubhouse hack she lunches with, or what meaningless award that clutters up someone's wall she gives/gets?

Yet another example of a fossil (paper and editor) that should retire.

There are real issues out there in Queens (tweeding, overdevelopment) that you are hopeless to understand or have your paper cover.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the world has moved on. Vicky, like some much of our leadership (and taste in Queens) is stuck in the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Think about it. Not only does she make the geographical error but also the typesetter at the paper and the proof-reader/fact-checker missed it!

Jenonymous said...

What do you expect? Papers like the Courier are pretty much 99% filler for unpaid interns and young talent trying to get published (I know; I did a few pieces for similar papers back in the day). Actual staff tend to be lifers, and more to the point, realize that most people pick up their rags for the ads not the articles. Seriously, it makes me wish that there was some kind of minority-rights group for Vikings so that we could find a reason to go protest this rag for its idiotic mistake.

Anonymous said...

Other publishers in Queens should applaud Vicki for her help with their business development. All one needs to do is lay the Courier next to a few of the good Queens publications to show that Ms. Schneps-Yunis does a great job each week of laying out a splendid model of how to mock and discredit local journalism.
So to all you other publishers...don't laugh at her. Call Vicki and say thank you for making you look better with each edition.

Anonymous said...

In response to Jeno: An egocentric like Vicki Schneps should not be mentioned in the same breath with the eager young interns who flock to local newspapers to get their first break in the biz. These kids are often hard-working; some quite talented but in need of nurturing and cultivation. It's a shame that they don't have a knowledgeable and ethical mentor at the helm to guide them in the right direction.
The Queens Courier is no more than a vehicle for Schneps to generate income by hosting a masquerade ball for what she terms editorial. Everything under the Schneps umbrella is for sale--especially editorial. Never before has wiser advice been offered: Don't believe what you read, for in The Courier it's been bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

"We missed the ferry by a minute - they would not wait..." HOW DARE THEY!!! THE NERVE!!!

Anonymous said...

My God! Never mind Vicki Schneps. The fool who writes it is never as much to blame as the idiot who edits it. Hopefully schoolchildren will not take this lesson in Geography. Just one question for Vicki: "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" OBIVOUSLY NOT!

Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet she produces this "travel" column to justify writing-off all her incurred expenses with the IRS? What a racket!!! Does the new hubby get a tax-break too?

Glad I'm gone said...

As someone who worked for two years (nearly a record for reporters/editors) at the Courier I can tell you that the news and art staff is filled with bright young journalists who really want to make a difference.

But Vicki does not give a damn about the institution of journalism. I have watched her fire countless editors and reporters for daring to question her ridiculous photo page or her blatant use of advertisers on the news pages.

I once saw Vicki cancel a front page story in order to put a picture of her top advertiser on the cover, along with some silly advertorial about allergy season.

I watched her sell political ads at the funeral of the paper's great former political columnist Arthur Nitzburg and I watched in horror as she buried an obituary to best reporter the paper ever had--Howard Girsky--on page 44.

The woman is a joke of a publisher, an insult to all journalists and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Keep exposing this nitwit. But, understand, the reporters and graphic designers there are helpless to this lunatic.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, she was the only publisher to EDITORIALIZE against Mike Shenkler's Tribune's whore ads.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta give her this....Vicki knows her market....those "Bay Club Babe" types !

They're that bunch of spoiled, dim-witted, blow dried, over 50 bunch of (usually) divorced "ladies" (still thinking they can attract 30 year old men) who can be seen cruising the bars along southern Bell Blv'd. on Friday nights....hoping to get "lucky" !

They probably worship Vicki as their queen !