Sunday, July 8, 2007

The greening of the medians

Mazeartist sends this in:

"Somebody tell me why this huge traffic median hasn't yet been transformed into a Greenstreet? This piece of land is located on Hillside Avenue in Queens Village, near the Martin Van Buren High School. I'm sure it can be renamed after a prominent alumnus. The traffic island is so huge, it can qualify as a park. It is located in the district of David Weprin."

Another Queens councilman is calling for more Greenstreets in Whitestone:

Queens Lawmaker Wants District To Have Green Streets

More Green Space, Less Concrete Urged

Make Francis Lewis Blvd. green: Avella

City Councilman Tony Avella says the medians along Francis Lewis Boulevard and Utopia Parkway are both ideal spots for green streets, landscaped plots maintained by the Parks Department.


rob said...

Why? Probably because no one in the area wants it. That location along Hillside Ave is commercial on one side, residential on the other. It's difficult enough to get the city to remove the weeds that grow between the cracks, never mind a green strip that's only going to accumulate coffee cups and cigarette butts from Nassau County drivers passing through.

It's very close to a high school, there's no way any planting would survive a week with them.

Anonymous said...

Also, it will quickly become a favorite spot to smoke "blunts" (during lunch breaks or after school) and discard the rest of the "Vanilla Dutch" or "Phillies" cigar tobacco filler after the wrapper layers have been used!

We're , realistically, looking at all the woes of high school age behavior ! And if YOU don't think that YOUR KIDS do that kind of stuff.....think again !

Anonymous said...

Actually, it looks like 2 residential complexes line both sides of it from the photo.

mazeartist said...

The area is largely residential. As for the high school- police enforcement and cameras should discourage littering and loitering. Queens deserves more parks!

Anonymous said...


I hate, once again, to bust your bubble, but POLICE WON'T EVEN RESPOND TO ANY 911 CALLS unless the caller states that A GUN was seen !

Try it for yourself next time you want to prevent a crime about to happen....perhaps only in the fist-fight stage !

The 911 operator will first ask you, "Did you see anyone with a gun?"