Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Truth about power continues to be revealed

Astoria politicians - Council members Peter Vallone, Jr. and Eric Gioia as well as Assembly member Michael Gianaris - also blasted the power company for what they believe is little effort to prepare for increased energy consumption expected this summer.


“Northwestern Queens and almost every other area of the city have gone through huge phases of development, and Con Ed has not upgraded its system to keep up with that,” Vallone said, explaining that he predicted a blackout at a hearing with Con Ed on Monday, June 25.

“To blame the last blackout on a minor storm is downright scary because we have these storms all the time,” he said.

Whoops! Pete let the truth slip out. Maybe he can explain why he and his buds push for high-rises in the area when they know the power grid can't handle it.

How about this ingenius quote from the Doorman:

Heat Wave Is Igniting Outage Fears

"The fact that there's such uncertainty in New York City in the 21st century is appalling," [Councilman Eric Gioia] said. "No one's worried the trains won't run tomorrow. No one's worried the water won't come on tomorrow. But we're all worried the power won't be on."

If there is no power, the trains won't be running tomorrow, Eric!


Anonymous said...

Starting with grand daddy Judge Charles on through Peter Sr. and now "Junior".......the Vallone family has "had its way" with Astoria for 3 generations now ....posing as benevolent "godfathers" of the neighborhood !

The more that this family kisses the butts of the real estate/building industry and continue to be proponents of over development.....the more campaign contributions from the same wind up in their (already deep) pockets !

What a bunch....trying at the last minute to throw the blame elsewhere and make Con Ed the sole scapegoat !

While the Vallones had light and their air conditioning units ran full blast the rest of those Astorians affected by the great blackout sat sweltering in the dark !

The message being:
If you've got political power.....you've got electrical power !

Anonymous said...

Aren't those sprial shaped "halogen bulbs" everyone is using these days supposed to help cut down on the use of energy???

Anonymous said...

The Vallones & Co. could use a couple of those "spiral shaped " (florescent NOT halogen) bulbs screwed up their asses to wake them up to their constituents' real needs.....not those of their developers friends !