Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crook still not off the hook

Former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi reportedly could be facing more legal trouble over the state's pension fund.

The Daily News says separate investigations by the Albany County D.A. and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo have uncovered several conflicts of interest.

Former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi Could Face More Legal Trouble


hooper said...

Awww... it's nice to see a picture of Al and Mel together like the good old days. I wonder if they still canoodle?

Connie said...

NY1 States: "Hevesi resigned from office and pleaded guilty to a felony last December for using state workers to drive his wife."

The ONLY reason Hevesi used the workers to drive his wife was to keep HER from talking to the press about HIM.

It's well known that "Big Al" has problems keeping "little Al" in his pants. Better to keep his Mrs. highly medicated so she wont see what's been going on!

He's a PIG!!! No more deals for him. Give him HARD time!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hevesi is about to "rat out" Mc Laughlin who might, in turn, "rat out" Gallagher in an effort to try to cut a new and better deal with the authorities!

(Then, perhaps, C.M. Katz will also fall from the tree like an over-ripe peach in the blazing summer heat) !

That would certainly complete the picture !

What a daisy chain of misfits posing as" public servants" !

georgetheatheist said...

Hey! You forgot "Grandma" - the "Queen of the Iron Triangle" - Shulman...she's in the photo too!

Anonymous said...

Do we have any local politicians that are decent and care about the communities they serve?

Taxpayer said...

How many retirees are soon to learn of how badly they've been robbed?

How many Insider Trading tips did he pass to Melinda-san during pillow talk?

"Daisy Chain"? How perfect an image. They all screwed each other while all were/are screwing public employees.

Anonymous said...

George...grandma Shulman appears as if she's already fallen to the ground!

What an unappealing looking piece of rotten (political) fruit she's looking like these days !

They made her "Queen Of The Willets Point Junkyards".....how fittingly appropriate !

How else should we recycle all out political waste ? !!!