Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunnyside arch still not spruced up

In 2005, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and City Councilman Eric Gioia announced that $450,000 in city funding had been set aside for the renovation of the arch and its surrounding streets.

Sunnyside Renovations Moving At Snail’s Pace

“It was nice when it was lit,” recalled Steve DeSimone, owner of Pets Unlimited on 46th Street. He also remembered the arch’s grandeur during Sunnyside’s independent street fairs years ago, before the city took over the arch. DeSimone considers the arch a landmark, and is looking forward to its restoration. He said most Sunnyside residents like the arch and want to see it brought back to its original splendor.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Queens.

Go from Astoria Park to Flushing Meadows. What do we see?

Civic squalor is now our norm.

Nothing we can do about it. Politicans don't care. They are on hunger campaigns and the like. Typical for a one party state.

Now when it comes to defending the reputation of someone like Gallagher, well, then, front and center from all! That is what is really important (to them)!

Anonymous said...

With dim witted slow moving slugs like Gioia and Marshall, how could anyone expect any speed on this matter !

Queens is the slow lane for everything.....except when money has to pass from developer to politician.....then its "easy pass"!

Anonymous said...

What would be more useful, IMHO, to the people of Sunnyside would be TRAFFIC CALMING or something so people can walk on or cross Queens Boulevard without fearing for their lives.

Anonymous said...

Traffic wise, this community is a mess ever since they changed it in the early 80s/

The design of this arch is lame, right out of the disco era