Sunday, July 15, 2007

DOB is a cuckoo's nest

One family in the neighborhood is constructing a large edifice, gray in color and square in shape, at 33-21 161st Street. It appears to violate the zoning regulations, as it occupies 6,732 square feet, more than double the .5 Floor Area Ratio permitted and has a setback of only 10 feet.

Code Good, DOB Still Flawed: Avella

Clearly, the house is in violation of the building and zoning regulations, according to Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside). Why then, he asked, has the Department of Buildings failed to stop the development?

Avella battles city over 161st St. home

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

According to one account, this "unique home" is going to have a 2 level basement (?) which is in compliance with allowable FAR standards for this size lot.....huh!

If so.....what the hell underground command post, a holding station for illegal trafficking in human beings !

DOB is on drugs !!!

Crawford said...

You know if Avella is protesting your development that you must be doing something right. That guy is such a crook. I would be honored to be targeted by his minions...

Also, Avella has no experience at all in land use. How would he know if a structure is legal or not? Lawyers spend decades in training to understand the zoning code. Avella is just sucking up to NIMBY neighbors for votes. I bet you he doesn't even know the basics of the zoning code.

Anonymous said...

And what the hell do you know about land use, zoning or building codes!

"Crawford" ole buddy....Unless you reveal to us exactly who you are and produce credentials proving your expertise in this particular matter..... we have no choice but to conclude that you are a chronic liar and don't know shit from Shinola with regard to zoning matters or the building codes !

Are you by any chance a Republican contender who ran against Avella AND LOST miserably ?

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that "crawford" is really Peter Bo-DOOFUS posting incognito? !!!