Monday, July 2, 2007

St. Saviour's rally kicks off July

Read all about it here: JPCA & Councilman Avella rally to save St. Saviour's

Photos from Juniper Park Civic Association


Anonymous said...

Yes go! go! go!

Such much would be solved and healed if the preservation community would circle their wagons around this great worthy place.

Do what you did in Sunnyside. Push aside the clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

I love the last photo. This is the heart and soul of this borough. They deserve the same treatment as community preservationists in Booklyn Heights and Greenwich Village.

Hello preservation community. These are the allies you need to get moving ahead!

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster: they may be want is needed to get the moribund preservation movement going, yes, but if you 'dis' them, like the Romans did to the Visigoths, you could seal the fate of the world as you know it.

This is one of those occasions where history hangs on a hinge.

Take the chance! Seize the opportunity! Don't be stupid!

KG2V said...

Oh, let's face it - we're an "Outer Borough" (Thanks Mayor Dinky for coining that phrase)

Mayor Blooming Idiot doesn't give a shit about us. The landmark commision can't see anything outside of Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn.

I'm NYC born and raised, and guess what? I've pretty much given up. If I could convince my wife to move, I'd do what LOTS of NYers have done - move, and give up the fight. I'm getting too tired to fight anymore

Julie said...

There are so many trees on the property. It could make such an amazing park.

Anonymous said...

Hell no, you can't flee cause everywhere else is almost as messed up.

I'll fight for St Saviour's. The more Pinky acts like a jerk, the more our 'colleagues' in the city wide preservation community ignore us, the more they are all digging themselves into a very very large hole.

Hey guys, ain't even got up a sweat yet!

Anonymous said...

It's Spartan army discipline here selling out to the enemy. Stay calm, hone you skills, sharpen your swords and STAND YOUR GROUND !

This is worth fighting to the last for !

Fight valiantly or else be carried home as the honorable dead on your shields after having put up the best fight of your life for your neighborhood !

Taxpayer said...

I attended the rally (you can see me there, looking hopeful).

I was expecting to see Gallagher there. To see that he has some tiny courage to at least explain his preference for developers (not development).

But, it was not to be. He is an elfin-sized coward. Afraid of hearing what the residents of the area have to say. Frightened by their questions.

And, he hates these people so much, that he thinks owes them nothing (speaking of owing, did you pay your 2-year old bill at Harry's you little welshing bastard?).

Why are you afraid, you lazy, drunken prick?

Brendan said...

Taxpayer: You expected to see Gallagher at the rally?

He hasn't attended one rally for St. Saviour's or gotten behind any major issue in the communty.
BTW, he did have a rally up the street protesting against a halfway house that was already closed.

While you were at the rally to Save St. Saviour's I suspect that Gallagher was either smoking weed down the railroad tracks, sexually harassing his employees, selling porn over the internet, or cheating on his wife at the Woodhaven House.

Probably all of the above.