Monday, July 2, 2007

Mike, take a hike out to South Jamaica

Dear Crappy,

We need to begin a campaign to sponsor a trip for Mayor Mike on the Q-40 bus from Jamaica Center to South Jamaica on any Friday Night at around 9 or 9:30PM.

People are coming home late from hard jobs and tourists are trying to get back to their hotels near JFK and this bus still only runs once every thirty minutes and is PACKED BEYOND CRUSH load. Let's see if he still says the system is not overtaxed after that ride. Or perhaps the areas that contribute the bulk of CBD auto traffic are under-served.

BTW, this is one of the so called feeder buses that run to the Queens Blvd subway so it is one of the means of transportation that even more people would be forced onto by congestion pricing. The combined scheduling (or lack thereof) of the train and the bus from the city adds up to an hour and a half ride home from the city due in part to lack of synchronization and also poor frequency of the bus and subways service. How can you blame someone for trying to use a car into the city instead when it's a twenty minute ride as opposed to an hour and a half.

Anyway, I say let's sponsor a campaign to buy Mayor Mike a MetroCard and have him ride this bus on this night.

Please sign this "anonymous."



grvsmth said...

If, by July 16, the Assembly passes legislation that qualifies the City for federal funding, the city plans to spend $207 million on 367 new buses.

$37 million will be spent on a "signal priority" system for buses, which essentially gives bus drivers a remote control that can make stop lights stay yellow longer or turn green sooner.

grvsmth said...

... or maybe you should ask Assemblywoman Cook to take the Q40 bus and explain how she expects to improve bus service without the money from congestion pricing.

Anonymous said...

We were told service would improve when the MTA took over the private bus lines, too. It didn't.

Anonymous said...

grvsmith, you live in a fantasy land if you believe a single penny from congestion pricing will be spent in places like south jamaica. you absolutely must live in the same dreamworld as mayor mike.

Anonymous said...

One more thing grvsmith. Note the map. The airtrain runs right beside this completely un-served (by subway) neighborhood. They already spent billions building it. The train runs all night long on five or ten minute headways, nearly empty all night. And it speeds right through this neighborhood of workingclass home owners. Without a single stop. No attempt was made to even build a subway extention along the airtrain, much less include some stops.

Mayor Mike looks at people who make around $50k a year an own modest homes as mere servants. They are not to be catered to in anyway. Nope no subway stop for these people. These are the people who pay the property taxes that run this city. If you give them services, then you don't make a profit to be spent on more infrastructure in Manhattan.

So if they've already gone through billions and haven't served this area, what makes you think they'll go through a few hundred million more and do anything.

One more thing, having do-hickeys in buses which allows them to control the traffic lights does nothing if there are hardly any buses to run on the route in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The Air much is that now during rush hour? Insane that they would install something that only tourists will ride because it costs so damn much. Oh well, in this day and age, tourists matter more than the people who live here.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Mike is a class conscious bigot !
His administration's policies bear witness to this !

He'll never take the bus to South Jamaica !

That "White Hunter" has got more on his mind than catering to, as he probably sees it, the "local natives" !

Taxpayer said...

Commissar: Just take a hike!

grvsmth said...

I'm sorry, when I posted that I thought this was a rational discussion, not a simplistic round of Bloomberg-bashing. Silly me.

Taxpayer said...

grvsmth said...
"I'm sorry, when I posted that I thought this was a rational discussion, not a simplistic round of Bloomberg-bashing. Silly me."

Yes, GRVSMTH, silly you. We've all heard the arrogant gibberish babbled by the Commissar and know it's all ego-bloated garbage.

Why do you repeat it all as though you believe any of it, and think that we're impressed?

Not even the Commissar is impressed when his "Little People" bring their own rope to the party. He laughs (to the extent that he has any capacity to laugh) at the flailings of his loyal follower Little People. Remember the term: "Useful Idiots"? The Commissar uses it all the time.

Anonymous said...

I forgot one other thing grvsmith. Siding with his highness sir pinhead does not make you one of his people. Unless you've got nearly a billion yourself.

Also. that traffic light priority system is laughable. There are hardly any traffic lights out here in Jamaica. I guess that makes you as out of touch as his pinheadedness.

If you look at the figures it all is clear. Huge sums must be spent to implement the congestion pricing system. They will of course go up and eat into any money earmarked for mass transit improvements. Also, where's the money for park and rides? How can you implement a system like this without park and rides??

Thank god for Silver.

grvsmth said...

Okay, so what's your plan or even idea as to how to improve service on this bus line? What do you want Bloomberg to do? Where's the money going to come from?

I'm not one of "his people." I don't care if he knows who I am, or if anyone's impressed with me. I'm just trying to help solve some problems. I hear about a bus line that's not working, I remember a proposal that would improve it, and I mention it. I hate to hear about people crowded onto a slow-moving bus. That's all.