Sunday, July 1, 2007

Real estate firm wants to dissolve ParkVill

From the Queens Chronicle:

Faced with hefty mainten- ance bills and ever- rising mortgage payments, Parkway Village residents are mulling a proposal by a Manhattan real estate firm to dissolve the historic co-op and sell it to developers.

Parkway Villagers Mull Proposal To Sell Co-op

If enough shareholders give their consent, the firm would get exclusive brokerage rights to the property. But Prudential Douglas Elliman faces a slew of hurdles, starting with convincing enough residents to actually entertain the notion of a sale.

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verdi said...

H-m-m-m.....let's introduce a new phrase...."EMINENT DOMINATION" !

Anonymous said...

"According to Dana, residents would then have to bring a zoning consultant to the cooperative to evaluate the feasibility of upzoning its 9.1 acres to accommodate high-rises and other structures. The current zoning only allows three stories."

Huh? What? Why is this the answer to everything? Where did this come from?

Anonymous said...

This is being led by a developer ans 4 residents.
Over 120 families have already pledged to defeat
any such sale/development...greed will be