Sunday, July 1, 2007

City Hall overdevelopment press conference

Residents of Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, Whitestone and Flushing descended on City Hall yesterday afternoon to demand an end to overdevelopment in their communities and the issuance of DOB permits to developers such as Tommy Huang, who has built illegally all over the city for more than 25 years. Councilman Tony Avella joined members of the Juniper Park Civic Association, the Committee to Save the RKO Keith's Theater of Flushing, Inc., the Historic Districts Council and State Senator Serphin Maltese's office in calling for Mayor Bloomberg, the Department of City Planning and the Department of Buildings to take steps toward stopping the assault on neighborhood character and livability in their communities.
It was mentioned that a wooden frame house on Mazeau Street in Maspeth against which Mr. Huang built a 4-story apartment building in violation of the R4-1 zoning was in the process of demolition earlier this month. It was observed being done in an unsafe manner, and the site was once again shut down with another stop work order issued. The coalition called for the forced demolition of the illegally constructed house by the city, as well as expedition of downzoning of parts of Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale and Flushing. Known to have been in attendance were a reporter from the Daily News, as well as camera crews from CBS & ABC TV news stations.

More here: JPCA & Councilman Avella hold city hall press conference

Photos from Juniper Park Civic Association


Anonymous said...

Funny how the local papers in Queens never publicized this... I guess they like the people in Queens to be uninformed and backward.

If the people in Queens actually expected something more than recycled press releases from politicians/developers the papers would actually have to do a little work!

Taxpayer said...

Why would Commissar Bloomberg or cash handout beggars on the city council (any names, please?) interfere with the cash flow from overdevelopment?

Every violation has cash potential. So what if neighborhoods, schools, services are degraded? Neither the developers nor the beggars live in the shit they generate.

You want overdevelopment and the consequences controlled? You act! Elect candidates only after you find out for real what they're about.

Demand (loudly, relentlessly) that the corrupters leave town.

They're not going to leave because of shame. You must get rid of them.

verdi said...

"Tony The Tiger" for mayor !

While others SIT on the City Council....he's out there busy and WORKING for the whole of NYC !!!

Anonymous said...

MAYOR? No way! He owes his politcal career, in part, to the Staviskys. He worked for Lenny and Toby and forked over lots of cash to Evan's Parkside Group for his City Council campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but he told them to take a hike this time around and is not affiliated with them.

Anonymous said...

Then....pray tell "anonymous #2"....who do you suggest for a better qualified mayoral candidate ? Perhaps yourself ? !!!

C-mon let's hear from you !