Sunday, July 1, 2007

It's a bird, a, it's SuperLiu!

"Dear Friends,

Here's an interesting (and fun) profile on Council Member John C. Liu, a member of the City Council's Committee on Education, published recently in the New York Sun.

And, of course, congratulations to all the graduates!

Andy Woo
Outreach Director
Office of Council Member John C. Liu"


The marathon mornings transform Mr. Liu, a former track and cross country runner, into a political athlete who scales school stairs, sprints down halls, and leaps over puddles to move from one ceremony to the next as quickly as possible.


"marveling" (at) D.C. comics said...

Maybe a little "super-glue" applied to the seat of his pants might keep him in his district long enough to accomplish something real for our community..... instead of continually grandstanding for photo ops outside his district.... in a frantic schedule of hip-hopping all around the town !

He's Paris Hilton's only serious competition in the amount of "whistle stops" he can make in an hour !

The Liu PR /BS game is being played at its best (with advice, no doubt, from Evan Stavisky's "Parkside Group".... and what a group they are) !

He should be awarded the Ackerman/Manes trophy !

But I would dub him a "wrist athlete" (if you catch my drift).... the way he's been jerking around his constituents for 2 very long terms !

Have a good day elected him.....maybe he and his relative (?) Tommy Huang might be encouraged to perform a duo tap dance at Flushing Town Hall !

Anonymous said...

So is he the person "behind" the super crap of a few post ago? :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're putin' on a little weight in those smiling "baby fat" cheeks !

Maybe you should go back to running track Johnny boy.....or else like the guy in the "Super Heroes" flick you won't be able to slip into your hero suit so easily!

Anonymous said...

Well, just another step in the laughable deification of the non-entities that make up our political landscape. Sort of reminds me of the ‘Great Helmsmen’ crap the lapdog media in Red China used to churn out about Chairman Mao.

Come to think of it, the cultural landscape in Queens does resemble North Korea with agenda laden events full of clubhouse symbols and the frozen smiles of participants as they go through their choreographed steps.

Anonymous said...

How about Hillary? Gets elected on Tuesday and walks away from New York on Wednesday as she starts to run for 'higher' office.

These guys are always running FOR something, and AWAY from the people (and responsibilities) they are to serve.

Anonymous said...

Little birdie in the sky,
why'd you do it in my eye,

thank the Lord that Liu can't fly !

(Or maybe he does.....judging by all the high rise crappily built condos he's so fond of.....and who's builders he's taken money from) !!!