Friday, July 6, 2007

Housing vs. parking in Williamsburg

A group of Williamsburg merchants is battling a city plan to develop a parking lot that for more than a decade has helped attract customers to the thriving commercial strip.

But the city and the developer - which is set to buy the city lot for $1 - said the plans for 152 units of affordable housing at McKenna Court also would benefit the merchants.

Leave lot alone, W'burg merchants say


Anonymous said...

There is nowhere to park in Williamsburg, and if I were a business owner there, I would be upset about it too.

Anonymous said...

How in the f------g hell does the elimination of parking spaces encourage shopping or improve business ? !!!

The city will go to any length to insult the intelligence of the public when their developer buddies want to railroad an ill conceived project through !!!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a suburban strip mall, it's the densest city in America. Housing, no even better, AFFORDABLE housing is much better than parking spaces.

Unreal how people want absolutely no development in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

"Housing, no even better, AFFORDABLE housing is much better than parking spaces."

I suppose next we will ban cars all together. A lot of money is made by businesses from customers who live outside the city or immediate area, but let's strangle their livelihood by preventing the customers from getting to them. Each neighborhood should become a bland self-sufficient microcosm, and not be known for any unique product as they were in the past.

Anonymous said...

You honestly wouldn't have affordable housing, and more parking spaces to boot, than a surface parking lot?

Take the subway, ride a bike, or walk to these stores. I think it's refreshing that affordable housing is proposed for the lot rather than luxury, and I thought it would be a win-win for everyone.

Anonymous said...

"Brooklyn-based Dunn Development Corp., one of the developers being paid by luxury condo builder Toll Brothers to take on the affordable housing project in return for building the Northside Piers condos on the waterfront."

Put the richies on the waterfront, send the poor people inland to live on a lot that the middle class needs.