Friday, July 6, 2007

Flashback to 20 years ago


Fresh on the heels of the controversy over construction of a six-story building on a low rise residential block, comes news of a planned 12-story luxury condominium on 30th Road near Crescent St. which would be the second highest building in Astoria- Long Island City.

[CB1 district manager George] Delis said he had received several complaints about the proposed project and told the homeowners that "there appears little anyone can do to change the plans or block the development".

Plan 12-Story Bldg. In Astoria; Would Be Area's 2nd Highest

About two weeks ago, a furor developed over plans to construct a six-story building at 25-54 12th St., in what is predominantly a block of one- and two-story homes. Spearheading the opposition to the plan is the West Astoria Local Development Corp., which had previously announced a plan to down zone many of the blocks bounded by Broadway, 21st St., and Hoyt Ave. The site of the proposed 12-story building is not included in the proposed down zoning area. Meanwhile, after the plans for the 12th St. building became known and the builder had started digging the foundation, Delis secured a "stop work" order on the project which is still in effect. The WACDC hopes to block the 12th St. building and get a moratorium on any other construction in its area before action is taken on the down zoning plan.

The District Manager of CB1 contradicted himself in the same story. First he says you can't stop development, then he says you can. No wonder they call this the community board from hell.

Photo from Queens Gazette


Anonymous said...

Ol' George hasn't changed much in all this time.

Anonymous said...

Time for a change. The city and community has moved on, but that community board is stuck in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Was George Delis going to be the exclusive real estate broker for this out of scale abortion ? !!!

Or maybe he was in cahoots with the builder....perhaps even a partner in this project...??? !!!

It's time that his overblown little sleaze-bag got kicked off of CB#1 !

It's time, in fact, that all of the members of CB#1 were themselves the subject of a governmental investigation !!!

Anonymous said...

Well, take a look at all those lies and dissention the clubhouse sewed in Sunnyside Gardens, the fence sitting by Gioia, Bricklayer Onorato hobbling around with his tired Henny Youngman jokes, Crowley simply boldly misleading his constituentes on the landmarks law, Maloney providing funds to take down historic structure in Queens, and the beer distrutor's son (whose mom is something whatever in the clubhouse) giddily replacing history with crap, its little wonder CB1 is somewhere in the paleolithic when it comes to preservation ...

and there is nothing any one can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Delis was the guy that tried to close down Socrates for development, close down Bohemian hall (development ideas were already on the table) and sent the trees that were to be planted in his community into other neigbhorhoods.

He brings out the worst in the elderly Itialian and Greek community. He spread all kinds of stories about preservation and encourages home owners to undermine the community by selling out.

His swagger tells us he cannot be touched.