Friday, July 13, 2007


The Daily News has some unkind words for Pinky:

When it comes to judgment, Queens Councilman Dennis Gallagher is lacking. Sunday night, after spending hours in a pub, the married Republican, 43, brought a woman, 52, likewise married, from the bar to his district office. Under almost no circumstances could this be construed as wise.

A pol walks into a bar ...

He has just made an ass of himself - and perhaps much worse.

Middle Village Idiots has a great summary of what a skank & skunk this guy really is.


georgetheatheist said...

Phil Ragusa. This man Gallagher represents the Republican Party in Queens. You are the Chair of this organization. Have you any official comment? Will you be taking any "action"?

rob said...

Maybe he's going to wait until the police do their jobs before making any premature statements.

If he states he supports him, this blog will rip him a new one.

If he states he expects the man to go to jail for all of the things that are reported in the papers (but not charged with), then he's not giving Gallagher the right of presumed innocence.

What's the rush for Ragusa/the Republican Party to make a "statement"?

Queens Crapper said...

"Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa said he found the news reports about Gallagher 'shocking' and hard to believe." - Daily News 7/11/07

Taxpayer said...

Right! The news reports about the elected (erected?) pervert are hard to believe.

The pervert is a soccer, football and baseball player. He's an athlete. Or, he's just a smelly jockstrap.

So, as an athlete, it's impossible for any of the charges to be remotely true.

It certainly cannot be said that he pinned the woman down, because he's an athlete.

Besides, the consensual sex never happened. Whatever it was, it was consensual. No, he never had any sex. But, it was consensual, if he did have sex.

Paris Hilton cannot look as stupid as this pervert.

georgetheatheist said...

They asked Caesar why he was divorcing his second wife Pompeia. (A sexual interloper, Clodius, violated the no-male-present rule at the ancient women-only Bona Dea festival held in Pompeia's house). Caesar, according o Plutarch, replied famously: "Caesar's wife should be above suspicion".

Republican Ragusa, you are Caesar. Your "wife" Republican Gallagher is indeed UNDER suspicion. Will you "file for divorce"?

Anonymous said...

It is time for Gallegher to step down. His antics have been to distracting to the community that has a lot of unfinished business.

You read it first here.

rob said...

It's only distracting if you let it become distracting. Continue to live your life, stop searching the newspapers and blogs for Gallagher stories, and you'll wean yourself off slowly.

This'll all play itself out eventually. Give it a rest. You read it here first.

Queens Crapper said...

Well, we thought about how people may be turned off by all the Gallagher content on the blog. But we checked Statcounter and QC's hits have doubled this week! Lots of Google searches on Pinky since news of the scandal broke. Also have been in contact with several reporters throughout the week, helping them collect info for their stories. So, we must apologize if the content isn't as varied and interesting as it usually is. But it's all for a good cause!

Anonymous said...

Help me understand something, it's a Sunday afternoon, nice weather, enjoying your family but this is just a fantasy............because your really in a run down bar, drinking to get piss ass drunk and to help the Viagra go down easier, every now and then looking at the porn in the back pocket, picking up a women 11 years older then you, taking her to a taxpayer sex den, while another investigation on you is underway and you want us to believe that you have the best interest of the community on your agenda......NOT!

Pinky your a disgrace to the community and more importantly to your family.

Your in big double trouble now and the other shoe (another investigation) is yet to drop.

As far as your puppets, they will have to find another master to pull their strings.

They bet on the wrong horse.....your finished, done, stick a fork in that oversized belly!

Anonymous said...

So Dennis now becomes.... Den-ass "Pinky" Gallagher !
A little late for the Daily News to be calling him an ass.....the community knew this all along !

Anonymous said...

How on earth did this guy get elected in the first place???? The residents of this district really need to get really smart really fast. This is such an embarassment for the community. Start electing people with integrity.

Goodbye Dennis said...

The Councilman/rapist, Dennis Gallagher is going down for the count very soon. Wait for the breaking news.

Anonymous said...

Ragusa should denounce Gallagher now because the truth is about to hit the fan.

Queens Crapper said...

Hey George, how's this one:

"I was shocked when I first heard [of the investigation]," said Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa before acknowledging that "you can't always believe what you read and hear."

"I know Dennis Gallagher politically and I've always known him to be a decent guy," Ragusa continued. "As far as we're concerned, he's been a good councilman. We stand behind him."

- Queens Tribune, 7/12/07

Anonymous said...

Yeah you better stand behind Dennis, Phil. Otherwise you'll get stabbed in the back.

georgetheatheist said...


The silence is deafening!

georgetheatheist said...

Is Fran Werner still alive?

Hall of Shame said...

Please remember the politicians, staff, political hacks and cronies who helped Gallagher keep his destructive and abusive ruse going for such a long time.

The people listed below knew all about Gallagher's misconduct, lies and/or sexploits long ago and looked the other way. Here they are in no particular order but we shall wait and see their reactions when it hits the fan very soon...

(more to be added):

Melinda Katz
Thomas Ognibene
Marge Markey
Christine Quinn
Andrew Hevesi
Anthony Como
Gabriel Tapalaga
Margaret Keta
James Oddo
Anthony Weiner
Joseph Cimino
Jake LaSala
Kerri Steinmuller
Linda Metzger
Rick Metzger
Serph Maltese
Vincent Arcuri

Anonymous said...

Phil Ragusa is an out of touch Dinosaur who couldn't even tie his own shoes without the help of the the Party's "Pink" Elephant !

No wonder everyone laughs at Republicans in Queens !

Anonymous said...

Time for the district to let in fresh air and vote a Democrat in. Someone young who will fight for the district and get along with everyone who cares about Juniper Valley Park and St. Saviors.

Anonymous said...

Hall of Shame -

What a common thread to all those listed. They all have done favors for each other for the almighty dollar at the expense of the taxpayer.....and 99% of the time, illegal actvity is the root behind the cause.

No place to hide now....being tied in to Pinky makes you an accessory with investigations now starting to kick in.

Talk about an avalanche....look out below!