Friday, July 13, 2007

Douglaston home battle almost over

A protracted dispute between a Queens couple and the city is nearing a terminus, as the City Council is mulling over the historic status of a Douglaston home.

Council Weighs Historic District Dispute

The micro-battle, which could come to an end after a City Council vote later this month, has ignited residents' emotions in the tree-lined, spacious neighborhood of northeastern Queens, pitting advocates of historic preservation against those claiming the supremacy of homeowner rights.


Anonymous said...

Chalk another one up to the failure of preservation to embark on a public education program decades ago.

They are starting to look like an isolated group out of touch with the broader city.

Perhap Queens residents should withhold their support to city wide groups until they come up with some programs to help grassroots groups accross the city.

They can start with St Savours.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Queens should not support these organizations.

Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Douglaston, stand with your fellow Queensites!