Thursday, July 12, 2007

CB5 censors preservationist

"There was a meeting of Community Board 5 tonight and I signed up to speak. Because I am not a good off-the-cuff speaker, I typed out my comments prior to the meeting. This is what I said:

'Yesterday morning I was at work when I received several frantic phone calls from neighbors who live across the street from St. Saviour’s Church. I was told that workers were cutting down the healthy 150+ year old trees, thereby killing the newly hatched birds living on the property. It’s very upsetting to hear your elderly neighbors, who lived their entire lives across the street from that green space, getting choked up over witnessing the destruction and being completely powerless to do anything to stop it. I called Councilman Tony Avella’s office and they worked tirelessly all day yesterday and today trying to get the developer to stop the demolition of the trees. I found out that our local councilman, Dennis Gallagher, was not only aware of the plan to cut the trees down but that he was the one who suggested the idea to spite us in response to our rally to save the church property. After work, I went down to the site to survey the damage, and the entire southwestern corner of the property had been cleared. The oldest tree which had stood in front of the entrance to the church for more than a century and a half was cut up and laying in the street. If Councilman Gallagher thinks this will stop the Juniper Park Civic Association and me from fighting to save this property, he is sadly mistaken.

We don’t need an investigation or a trial to determine if Dennis Gallagher is a rapist. It’s obvious that Councilman Gallagher rapes every one of his constituents on a daily basis by selling out our community and our history to developers. Thank you.'

The second I said the word "rapist", the Glendale crowd, led by yet another Crowley, shouted me down. Now, I didn't accuse Dennis of raping a woman. If they had allowed me to finish, they would have realized that I was accusing him of raping the community. That's political commentary, which, correct me if I am wrong, is protected speech under the First Amendment. Yet, there were board members screaming, "Innocent until proven guilty!" And they wonder why their neighborhood looks the way it does. The people who were upset were more offended by my use of the word "rapist" to describe Gallagher than they were about the damage to the trees at St. Saviour's!

The worst part of the incident was Chairman Vincent Arcuri telling me that I was out of order and pulling the microphone away from me mid-sentence. This was not a private meeting, but a public forum, and I had the right to speak my mind in the three minutes allotted regardless of whether or not people on the board agreed with me. At the end of the meeting, the audience erupted in applause and I received positive feedback from attendees and board members. None of the cowards who shouted at me had the nerve to approach me and defend Gallagher in a one-on-one conversation.

This incident is being reported to the borough president. The community board is supposed to serve the people of the community, not pledge blind allegiance to elected officials.

Thank you, QC. You're probably the only one who will report the truth.

Christina Wilkinson
Chair, JPCA Committee to Save St. Saviour's"


Anonymous said...

Too many of them are Gallagher's cronies. Arcuri is another piece of crap in need of flushing. Didn't he sit in on Gallagher's "negiotiations" with the developer of this property? He too will be held accountable for the raping of this neighborhood.

Gallagher knows that he is finished. This is his parting shot.

Glendale said...

I've given up going to those boring community board meetings. They are a huge waste of time.

e66Jive said...

Those community board members are a bunch of closeminded old farts sitting around bitching and moaning.

Totally useless.

Dani said...

I was at the meeting. The most surprising thing about those defending Pinky was that it was all WOMEN doing it! And a bunch of stupid yentas to boot.

P.S. In all of CB5, they can't find a more suitable place to hold a meeting? You can't see half the board members because of the way the room is situated and you can't hear people half the time. Sheesh.

Miguel said...

Did Pinky show up to photograph any board members he doesn't like? Or maybe he has other things on his mind. ...

Anonymous said...


Hooper said...

Here's how you find a lying hypocrite:

Find the only piece of open space in Gallagher's neighborhood, Arcuri's, Crowley's, Cimino's, Bloomberg's, Quinn's... whoever.

Sell it to some Israeli bastard and make sure no one knows about the sale until it's done.

Announce plans to cover most of the site with ugly, high density housing.

Then see how all of them fight. See how they demand a park. See how the bang down the mayor's door.

You won't see them negiotiating for zoning changes. You won't see them acting as a liaison between the developer, the city, and the Parkside group. You won't hear them try to justify how development is beneficial to the area. And most of all, you won't see them taking the most cowardly path of all... to remain silent and do nothing.

To the people of West Maspeth: You do not have a mayor. You do not have a councilman, you do not have a community board. You are nothing to these people because you live near factories and don't make enough money to matter.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kathy Masi was going to have a cow! Oh no not my Pinky! Where will GCA get its funding from? Who will endorse me for council?

Anonymous said...

Was there a representative from Councilman Gallagher's office at the meeting?

Anonymous said...

No, he didn't need to send anyone. He has plenty of private reporters on the board already.

Dan said...

Is Pinky on another 4-day bender?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's bending on pinky vodka!

anti CB activist said...

I have witnessed over the years, that censorship is a common tactic employed by community boards throughout Queens, in an attempt to stifle any opinions that are contrary to their corrupt knee jerk agendas !

Some CBs are far worse than others:
CB#s I, 5, and 7 for example......just to name a few of the far more egregious ones !

Keep on attending these CB meetings regardless and never give up ! Return their "shout downs" with continuing appearances ! These phony community boards want you to give up in disgust!

Maybe a suggestion is to bring your own bull horn (hidden in a paper bag) so if somebody snatches the microphone from your hands, you can still belt out the truth !!!

If the cops in attendance try to arrest you....more the better that'll be sure to make the press)....tell them you'll sue the bastards !

Anonymous said...

How did you find out that Gallagher approved this to spite the community? Do you have actual evidence of that or is it just rumor?

Anonymous said...

“Thank you, QC. You're probably the only one who will report the truth.

Christina Wilkinson
Chair, JPCA Committee to Save St. Saviour's"

Well, let’s see if QC will print this truth …. which I doubt

“The worst part of the incident was Chairman Vincent Arcuri telling me that I was out of order and pulling the microphone away from me mid-sentence.”

Christina, I was at the JPCA “town hall meeting” when you “pulled the plug” on the
microphone on that young lady, a MEMBER of JPCA (even though Bob motioned you to do it) … do you remember that ???

Question - Why is it that you are offended when the microphone is pulled from you mid-sentence, but you feel that you were justified in doing the same to someone else who also waited her turn to speak?

“The second I said the word "rapist", the Glendale crowd, led by yet another Crowley, shouted me down.”

Again Christina, I have been at many JPCA “town hall meetings” and have seen the same exact thing happen to any speaker, member or non-member, who does not tow the official JPCA line. Do you remember the meeting about the un-leased dog’s?? People yelling at people to “shut-up and sit-down”, people being called “stupid” and worst, just because they didn’t agree and had the nerve to actually stand-up and speak their mind, also under protected under the First Amendment

Question – Christina, Why is this acceptable behavior at a JPCA meeting?

Taxpayer said...

These lickspittle lackeys took an oath to protect and defend the constitution - all of it.

Yet, because they have nothing to offer the community except to do the rapist's bidding (so he will fund their operations and petty ambitions), they will instantly violate their oath and censor a citizen speaker because she used the word "RAPE".

In there twisted belief that Gallagher is, indeed, a RAPIST, but knowing their twisted obligation to defend that RAPIST, they will RAPE the constitutional right of a citizen to say the word "RAPE" in connection with Gallagher's RAPE of the trees on St. Saviour's land.

Get used to this, CB5 members who used city money and time to censor a speaker: I will now relentlessly work to have each of the censors removed from the CB5.

You have never yet experienced "relentless" but, now you will. You chose sides. You violated a citizen's constitutional right to speech based on that choice.

What's your next act? Physical violence to defend the RAPIST?

Your choice to rape her rights was actually more violent and repulsive than Gallagher's.

Anonymous said...

I think this is yet another example of a mentality that community activists are starting to piece together in Queens: the community boards in a large swath of this boro hold the interests of the officials (and their developer buddies) over that of the communities they (on paper) are supposed to serve.

Queens Crap should start a regular feature on community board abuse. From those in the public, please send to us your examples and we will post them here.

The bottom line is we should shut down the community boards. They give a fig leaf of community involvement, but like so much of our politics, be it voting, or public hearings, or vetting canditates for office, the process is geared to make the public's participation as meaningless as possible and in the process, discourage them from participation.

That is about to change.

Anonymous said...

Remember the hacks in borough hall in charge of community boards, from Claire on down?

What does that say about them?

I agree, the process is perverted and they are impediments rather than benefits for the community (those folks in south east Queens excepted)

Anonymous said...

It would be great to list community board abuse, as you term it.

Why don't the readers of this blog go to their meetings each month and send in to ol Crappie the latest antics from their board?

Good idea!

Christina Wilkinson said...

For the answer to your question, Patriot, read my letter to the editor of the Queens Ledge. You know, the same letter that exposed and embarassed Pinky so much that he directed his crony to sue me for a million dollars over it.

Justin said...

That witch at the JPCA meeting was sent in to be disruptive. Thank God you gave her money back and told her to scram. The meetings are much better without her ramblings. As for the community board, citizens have the right to speak out during the public forum, and as long as no profanity or slander is said, anything goes. The statement was clearly not accusing Gallagher of the crime for which he is under investigation but of hurting the community at large. That is political commentary and is protected speech, but let's not forget that the board is filled with his political hacks who will protect their own interests by protecting him.

Anonymous said...

I bet if you had stood up there and said Gallagher is completely innocent of all accusations, you would have been given more than 3 minutes to speak instead of having your time cut short!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that people are publicly speaking out about Pinky. It's about time! You have some moxie, foxy!

Anonymous said...

Wilkinson for City Council! I hope she runs as an independent. The Wilkinson-Avella ticket is a developer's worst nightmare!

Queens Crapper said...

I find it hilarious that Christina actually had the guts to stand up at a CB meeting and say this and also signed her name to it here but that all the Pinky defenders choose to hide behind anonymity.

This post is about how speech was limited at a public forum where a person spoke according to the "rules" about a matter of public concern. This brings up a serious first amendment issue. What happened at a civic meeting whenever is irrelevant. If you have questions or complaints about the goings on at a civic meeting, write to the organization. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Does CB5 now collect dues at the door? Because that's the only way they are behaving. I guess Christina is not a member of the "club".

Taxpayer said...

Here's a civic lesson for Anonymous, who believes in censorship:

There's a gigantic difference between a publicly funded, city agency, all of whose members (appointed by elected officials) took an oath to protect and defend the entire constitution.

That even include any words spoken that remind them of their own bad choices.

A civic association, on the other hand, is PRIVATELY funded. It's meetings can be attended by residents of the community, but, its microphone is entirely controlled - legitimately - by the officers who were elected by the PAID membership.

That's why I or any citizen can speak on any subject for the three minute limit at a city financed (therefore a government) agency, and be neither interrupted, cut off, brushed aside, or in any way censored. But, those same CB members have no "right" to interfere with a civic association's meeting. At any civic meeting, a person who wishes to speak raises a hand, and, when recognized, identifies him/her self, and speaks on a topic of interest to the membership. A topic of no interest to the membership can be silenced. Here's an example: Say a non-member grabs the microphone and starts a rant on the city's negotiations with the fire and teacher unions. Without any censorship, the mike can be removed from the hands of the ranter.

Civic associations do not get involved in city-union negotiations. (My spouse, my sister, my sister-in-law have long been members of the UFT, yet, I say, NO to any person at a civic meeting who wants to drag the civic into the dispute). A civic has no standing to be part of that dispute.

A speaker at a CB, informing the public of the RAPE of trees by a disgraced city council member, has the absolute right to complete his/her three minute forum without interference by municipal officials.

And, further, when this speaker reached the word "RAPE", the lickspittle whores of Gallagher, howled, pounded on the table, rang the bell, jerked the mike, and demanded that the speaker be censored before completing the statement that Gallagher RAPED the trees and the community.

As for the howling dog intruders (encouraged by "Anti-Unleashing in the Park" Gallagher) who tried to create chaos at the town meeting: None of them raised a hand. None were members, though the loudest mouth of them all simultaneously denied and claimed membership in the civic, depending on the agenda d'jour.

Once again, at any civic meeting, no attendee has the "Right" to speak without first following protocol. There is no First Amendment right to speak at a civic meeting.

In any event, Gallagher is a paid municipal employee, who seeks public notice; therefore, in any setting, he is not protected from harsh commentary.

Oh, yeah, spell check missed it, but the expression is "Toe the line", not pull the line; and dogs are generally adopted, purchased, or gifted - leasing is new. How long is the lease period? Is the dog returned at the end of the period and traded in? If the dog is no good, can it be returned for another? Is an un-leased dog one that is purchased, stolen, adopted, etc.?

This leasing of dogs mystifies me.

Got it?

Dan said...

There is so much to say to both sides here, but it is obvious that personal issues seem to be the focus rather than issues. If we all could put the same effort into protecting the community rather than personal attacks, the community would benefit dramatically.

Mentioning RAPE and RAPIST 7 times in a comment certainly does not prove your point about the trees, but takes away from it. You had a good issue with the trees at the CB5 meeting and lost any impact you had by choosing words (planning as well to use them) with the desire to incite rather than promote an issue. You should, however, have been allowed to speak your 3 minutes as it is a public forum and you can speak in tongues for 3 minutes if you wanted to. But the point of the trees was immediately lost when you used your carefully planned wording and I hope you know and realize that your actions did not help your cause - which should have been your focus as the committee chair.

This has been my two cents, but I must admit that as a new CB member, I am disappointed in the bickering which is steadily taking more and more from our community. By the way, the CB has not become useless overnight and has for some time had JPCA representation on the executive committee. I do not say this to spite JPCA, because as a 36 year resident of Middle Village, I have seen dramatic changes to Juniper Park - thanks to the JPCA. However, I think the focus has been lost from the community to personalities, and that is unfortunate. That is why I worked to get onto this board and I am sure I will be bashed for my comments now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Taxpayer. I feel pretty stupid for coming here and starting trouble. I'll behave now.

Julie said...

Dan is right in the sense that people in Middle Village bicker too much. Yet I am sure when he gets the call from Gallagher to vote in favor of the developer's zoning change, Dan and the rest of those who screamed bloody murder last night will do as told instead of what's best for the community, lest they lose the funding for their organizations. Why should the young lady hold back? Why not tell it like it is? It's not like she'd win anyone over on the board. They're all bought already! The vote is set and will be the same whether she said the word "rapist" or had called Dennis the greatest thing since sliced bread. Tell me, were these people concerned when the photos of the dead trees were passed around or did they only get fired up AFTER the word rapist was used to describe their benefactor?

Anonymous said...

It was the best part of the community board meeting!!! I hope she comes back next time, after the indictment.

Anonymous said...

Both Taxpayer and Dan are correct. She should have been given the full three minutes, and then someone else could have gotten up and spoken freely for three minutes about how ineffective and inappropriate she was to use the words that she did.

Dan said...


You state, "Yet I am sure when he gets the call from Gallagher to vote in favor of the developer's zoning change, Dan and the rest of those who screamed bloody murder last night will do as told instead of what's best for the community, lest they lose the funding for their organizations." I take it you were not at the CB5 meeting because, as wrong as felt Christina was, I thought she was hurting herself enough and wanted to wait for her 3 minutes to be up. Furthermore, I am not told by anyone to do anything and take quite a bit of pride in that. Not everyone on the community board gets funding for an organization, group, etc. My decisions are made based on my opinion (since I am a resident of the neighborhood), the feedback I get from my neighbors, and feedback I get from other people in the community. It is unfortunate if this is not the way all community board members make their decisions. Then again, I am new to this and I do not know the same people that you do - you must get this opinion from people you know who cannot think for themselves.

"They're all bought already! The vote is set and will be the same whether she said the word "rapist" or had called Dennis the greatest thing since sliced bread. Tell me, were these people concerned when the photos of the dead trees were passed around or did they only get fired up AFTER the word rapist was used to describe their benefactor?" I cannot speak for everyone, but I started out with concern for the trees and intended to ask some questions since the picture on this blog was the only one handed out and does not show much. I think it was important to find out how many trees were taken down (I agree, any is bad). If only one, then we have the ability to work together to stop any more. If they are all done, then we can only react. These are facts that matter and should have been discussed, but the subject matter was overshadowed by her inappropriateness. Again, the community loses - even worse, due to the chairman of the committee entrusted to help them.

Anonymous said...

"These are facts that matter and should have been discussed, but the subject matter was overshadowed by her inappropriateness."

What exactly is inappropriate about a woman expressing her opinion?

Christina Wilkinson said...

Not one person on the board asked me a question after the little brou-ha-ha. I was told my three minutes were up and dismissed by the chair. He hasn't heard the end of this. And the best part is that it's all on tape this time!

Dan said...


Expressing an opinion is not inappropriate. It is the manner in which she chose (and prepared for) that was inappropriate. Lets not confuse the issue. Anyone that was there saw what happened and I can only assume you were one of the many present. If you feel that the manner in which she chose to present was not inappropriate then I guess we disagree as I am sure others do as well.

Anonymous said...

"Again, the community loses - even worse, due to the chairman of the committee entrusted to help them."

I agree with Dan. Arcuri is a disgrace and doesn't know how to maintain order or run a meeting appropriately. I am glad someone recognizes that.

Schaden Freude said...

I can't wait until Pinky goes down and all his plebes go with him. What a wonderful world this will be.

Anonymous said...

So let her be inappropriate and don't act even more inappropriate by trying to shout her down.

Don said...

Isn't it sad that this is what CB5 has become? A bunch of grown men and women mocking each other and the people who come there to seek their help for problems. Imagine being a CB member and blogging about why you feel offended over a word used to characterize a politician. As Bloomberg says, "Get a life!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah really, why can you call a politician a thief, a liar or a murderer like it's nothing, but when the word rapist is mentioned, people hit the ceiling? LOOK at that property!!!! RAPE is a perfect word to describe what is being done there. And the person responsible for it was the person named in Ms. Wilkinson's speech. Everyone is so damn sensitive when faced with the honest TRUTH. It's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

CB5 can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

The people who objected so strenously at the meeting are the same people who bitch the loudest about the problems they are experiencing with overdevelopment. The problem, my friends, is your councilman. So stop kissing his ass and fight what he is doing. You think you still are waiting for your rezoning because Gallagher has been on top of City Planning on a daily basis? Yeah, I'm sure he is... He's asking them to certify the St. Saviour's rezone so he can "win" against the JPCA. What a sick prick Pinky is that he would sit idly by and allow this tree cutting just so he could make himself look good in the eyes of Parkside.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the offended community board members sign up for their own 3 minutes to rebut what Christina said? Why did they instead choose to act like a bunch of thugs?

Anonymous said...

Because they are thugs. Let's not forget that you have a drug dealer, a con artist and a thief on the board.

Anonymous said...

The people from Ridgewood and Glendale don't give a holy damn about St. Saviour's and you can count on them to give the developer the green light to bulldoze the whole thing. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

So what if her aim was to be incendiary? Maybe she wanted to see for herself who would reveal themselves as Pinky's bobbleheads, which is basically all they are. Why did they fall for the bait?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so from what I understand, Chris showed up with a photo that in a normal person would evoke some sort of emotional response. Hey, Chris, did anyone approach you afterward and say they wanted to join forces with you to help you put a stop to it? Any CB5 members show up at your last rally, BEFORE you made your allegedly inflammatory comment? My money's on no. So why not say what you feel. Screw em. The fact is they wouldn't have done anything, they haven't done anything, and when the bulldozers roll in they still won't do anything. When the block is overdeveloped they won't care at all. But when Councilman Gallagher gets sent up the river, they'll shit themselves!

Anonymous said...

Arcuri ran to LPC and the newspapers when the little episcopal church in Glendale was threatened with demolition. Was that leading preservationist at any of the rallies in Maspeth? Did CB5 call LPC or the newspapers about St. Saviour's?

Anonymous said...

The problem in this city is that CBs are stocked with politician and developer cronies and the politicians are stocked with developer money.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the 2 incidents mentioned:

Thea Schatzle had her mic unplugged because she was ranting non-stop at the person who was trying to maintain order at a private meeting. She also tried to jump into the mayor's limo (wackjob!).

Christina spoke calmly, behaved herself and was sticking to her allotted time at a public meeting but the chairman didn't like what she said.

I'd say those are very different scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Christina, the guy got caught selling porn out of a Catholic High School, got caught on wiretaps taking bribes and due to political paranoia he made enemies out of innocent people who honored him at one point. The final nail in the coffin will be when he is charged with rape. The people clinging to him now will run as far away from him as they can. The church will be saved.

Taxpayer said...

You quiver when you hear some words that remind you of your bad choices. The Gallagher lackeys act offended at the word RAPE.

Well, so goddamn what about it? Freedom of speech is not about requiring your approval. Especially on government time and dime.

You don't like Christina linking Gallagher, trees and RAPE?

Who cares?

Speak up! We don't fight speech with fists, clubs, table pounding, yelling, snarling, grabbing the mike. You don't like the speech? Speak back. Have a good argument!

But, losers never use speech. Losers always want muscle. Losers always want to silence differing opinions. Losers make threats of physical violence on their blog to unsuccessfully attempt to crush opinion (that's why they're such losers).

Do all you Gallagher lickspittles agree that Christina must be physically attacked and harmed because she has a harsh political opinion of Gallagher that threatens your own self-esteem? Do you also believe that others whose opinion you dislike need physical harm?

Don't respond to this by mentioning the civic meeting claptrap again. It isn't pertinent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AS A woman I can't believe some of the comments that I have heard from other women, as follows:
1.what did she expect, she left with him.
2. dennis was set up.
3. she' a barfly
4. I feel so bad for dennis
wow women! wake up. so in other words you think she deserved this..if its true.
bottom line..he was with her
has anyone said how terrible this is for his wife and his 2 children

Glendale said...

WTF cares what Dan Creighton thinks or says. The guy hasn't done a damn thing except kiss Gallagher's cheatin' rapist ass and do his bidding.

This jerk would defend a murderer. That's what we are dealing with.

who cares said...

please stop about this freakin church, seriously there is enough already. knock it down and get rid of it already

civil liberty said...

Whew.....let's take a break folks !

Maybe it's time for an overview after all of these lengthy comments .

Community boards have become much like the "COMPANY UNIONS" of old, which were shams and controlled by the employer or owners of the company!

Ersatz "participation" in government by community residents is NO SUBSTITUTE for REAL DEMOCRATIC process !

Cutting off any speaker who has signed in (at a public "gov't" meeting) , regardless of the popularity of the message they are delivering, is CENSORSHIP and a violation of the U.S. Constitution.....period !!!

Anonymous said...

The thing that aggravates many of us in the public is that when it comes to a politician’s reputation, the community boards in Queens, like the media, are boot lickers.

When it comes to a community’s irreplaceable heritage, like St Saviours, they yawn.

And yes, the Ridgewood people will not help you. Politicians are aces when it comes to divide and conquer. Sleepy Onderdonk House suddenly has a new website, programs etc. I bet Pinky is helping them out buying off what should be a natural alley into a suspicious rival to St Savoiurs.

Anonymous said...

I think that the New York Civil Liberties Union might be interested in filling suit against ALL of the NYC Community Boards for not having CONSISTENT OR UNIFORM BY-LAWS !

Each board, I was told has it's OWN SET !

If this is truly ought to be against the law !

Does anybody out there want to make "the call" to the NYCLU ? What have we got to ? !!!

Taxpayer said...

who cares said...
"please stop about this freakin church, seriously there is enough already. knock it down and get rid of it already"

Here's an idea, Who Cares: Let's knock down your house first and let you live in a park under a bridge.

Then, look for anyone who cares about your troubles.

You seem so civic minded. You'll find lot's of sympathy. Maybe Gallagher will take a weekend furlough and come to help you.

Anonymous said...

Another reply to "Stop about this freakin' church".

Here's another idea for you:

How about digging up your ancestors' graves and tossing their remains in a dumpster ?
Oh....I guess that you've never given any thought to desecrating your great grandma's final resting place.....did you ? !!!

Dan said...


I see you have a strong opinion of me, yet I am sure you do not know me nor know who I would defend. "The guy hasn't done a damn thing except kiss Gallagher's cheatin' rapist ass and do his bidding." Point to me where I have done his bidding. Also, I am sure you know nothing about me nor what I have done. Obviously, you must care enough to go out of your way to make a post about me. I knew attacks would come and don't mind them. However, once again, my point was not disagreement - my point was that a discussion on an issue such as the trees at Saint Savior's was important enough to have carefully chosen words to explain and keep attention of your supposed "opponents." Focus on the issue would have been more beneficial to the saint Savior's situation than the way it was done. However, this said, I do not disagree that she can say it however she wants, but I just don't think it was beneficial to the cause.

Anonymous said...

Way to pretend like you're not the one writing the blog, Chris. You're all class, lady. All class.

Anonymous said...

Vinny Arcuri is a dictator, always was and always will be.