Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You've been warned

Believe 'em now?

Chertoff: NYC Needs to Prepare for Major Hurricane

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff warned Monday that a city on continuous alert for terror attacks also must brace itself for a natural disaster, a hurricane powerful enough to cause serious flooding in lower Manhattan and elsewhere... Weather experts have said the nation's largest city is about due for a major hurricane with 130 mph winds and a 30-foot storm surge that could cause the Hudson and East Rivers to overflow.

So...do you have any idea where to go if this should materialize? I don't!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gee, lets hear from the community boards about this one.

Lets hear from the politicians about this one.

Lets hear from the newspapers about this one.

Lets hear from the waterfront developers about this one.

Anonymous said...

Manny looks good in a suit.

Joe said...

Congress passed a National Emergency Act that gave the President powers to act in an emergency, but gave Congress had a "check" on those powers. Bush has issued a new "directive" that cuts Congress out of the loop.
He has now directed the Homeland Security Department to implement his directive.

I think we should be contacting our representatives to put a stop to this, NOW.

Anonymous said...

NYC will never get hit with a category 3 hurricane (130 mph). The odds are extremely low, it would weaken significantly before making landfall here. I'm so sick of these scare tactics and global warming freaks (which is the biggest scam going around today).

Tropical storms will hit of course, we've had some lately, but all they give is a very, very rainy day.

The terrorists are a MUCH bigger threat. But oh wait Chertoff, you gave some of our money to hick towns in Iowa to fight terror. Assholes in DC. Gore, Bush, all of them.

KG2V said...

if you go to the NYC.gov web site, and look under OEM, they have a list of the evacuation centers, and a map of the city for stage 1,2 and 3 evacuations

A Cat III is highly unlikely, but has happened way back when - and a strong II is somewhat likely. The problem is there are major sections of the city that will flood in a strong II - picture the whole area by Shea Stadium/Flushing Meadow Park, The Rockaways, parts of College point, the area around Northern Blvd and the Cross Island expressway, lots of southern Brooklyn, larke sections of lower Manhattan, plus the east and west sides down on the river, Co-op city etc.

One HUGE issue is that beacuse NYC/Long island runs east/west, and the storms come up from the south, a track shift of 50 miles (which is nothing) can mean we get hit, of Suffolk gets hit - or all get missed. Because of that, if we go into Hurricane WARNING, there will be NO help to be had - Suffolk and Nassau will also be evacuating, so will the Jersey Shore - Westchester, Putnam etc will be getting ready for stream flooding. Basically the NEAREST aid we can expect is from Central PA, and the Albany area, and they will have to get past flooded rivers (Deleware etc)

It's NO joke if you've studied it

Anonymous said...

No real danger of global warming eh......?

I guess that poster also believes in the tooth fairy!

You dope!!!

Anonymous said...

"NYC will never get hit with a category 3 hurricane (130 mph)...."

Wow! God has posted to Queens Crap. Far out.

The fact of the matter, buster, is that in 1820 Manhattan was flooded south of Canal Street. No record about Queens, but, you can imagine ...

Anonymous said...

A hurricane is definately due. If it does hit and you need advice on how to clean up after a disaster like this or need water damage restoration service, please contact us at 800-222-6815.
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Anonymous said...

i gotta get outta here.

Anonymous said...

You folks all better research the great 1938 hurricane in NYC.

Those wind speeds were clocked high enough to wash away the Harding Park riverfront community in Classon's Point (Bronx) directly across from College Point!

And while you're at it....take a look at some of the old photos (available at the Poppenhusen Institute) of a tidal wave that beached a ferryboat in the middle of the old Flushing Airport....directly accross the street from "BJ'S" & "Target" !!

End of story !!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope a Cat IV hits and sinks all the new development in LIC. I'm so sick of all the trust fund assholes that have moved into the Toll Bros. buildings. I want my neighborhood back.

Just leave the Pepsi sign, God.