Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Preservation posturing?

I went to the NYC Council's website today on a mission totally irrelevant to all matters crap-related. However, when I landed on the home page, I found this photo, with the caption, "Speaker Christine C. Quinn, actor Matt Dillon, and Council Member Rosie Mendez at a rally to save St. Brigid's church in the East Village."

When was the last time you saw a celebrity, the council speaker or even the local councilmember leading a rally to save a Queens historical site?

Photo from NYCCouncil.info


georgetheatheist said...

It is now time for Queens County to consider the issue of SECESSION from the City of New York.

Anonymous said...

My mind draws a blank on when the last time a councilmember, celebrity, &/or the speaker of City Council, attended a rally outside Manhattan. Queens deserves its own Landmarks Preservation Commission, that's headed by its own. The same holds true with the "other boroughs." NYC is already part of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, and Robert Tierney spends most of his efforts on Manhattan. How appropriate that would be! The resources would also be divided up according to what's necessary in each borough.

Anonymous said...

Good God, if Queens had its own preservation commission I blanch at what the local talent would do: dragon boat docks would be landmarked tomorrow, Bowne House torn down the next day.

Anonymous said...

The local gang that has led preservation in Queens needs to be replaced, and the standards of Manhattan need to be applied.

They have done a lousy job in educating the public or bringing home the bacon.

Turning them loose on us?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on that one. We need to hear what is happening in the other boroughs, not just get further cut-off by local wanna-bees who just want to curry favor with the politicians.

We need worker bees.

Anonymous said...

What is more important is that the grant money that is being hoarded in Manhattan should be allocated by neighborhood.

All the big organizations are writing as if they do work in the five boroughs. They are not. They are keeping the money, and news on new ideas to themselves.

Our leadership, instead of conspiring to keep us bare foot, pregant and in the kitchen, should be yanking those resources out of those Manhattan groups.

We should demand (oh, that is so unQueens, isn't it?) that they share their resources with the outer boroughs. Let's see, Queens at 38% of NYC landmass, should get a little more than 3.8% of the funds.

It is plain stupid to cut us off from them. We should be close to friends but closer to our enemies.

We should embrace them and watch what they do, not cut ourselves off from them.

That is stupid.

Anonymous said...

It's time that Long Island City consider SECESSION from Queens and join up with Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Why should our politicians show up to empower a community? How much does they community add to their campaign coffers?
Naw, their interest is misleading us with all kinds of misinformation on preservation. They get away with it secure in the knowledge that the Manhattan preservation crowd, long used to feasting on our share of funding, will say nothing and the Queens leadership, long clueless, will say nothing.

verdi said...

George....that's been proposed about 20 years ago....without much success.... I'm afraid!

I've got a better idea....Brooklyn And Queens should form a new state.....set way apart from Manhattan island!

Being a part of Long Island.....our island is bigger than theirs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I can remember an RKO Keith's rally in Flushing many years back.....(covered on TV with about 100 marchers) even Leonard Stavisky was in attendance but did little besides engaging in blustering oratory to help save it!

The RKO Keith's was certainly the political football of its day....every politico and political wanna-be craved a piece of this action!

That crook Brian Mc Laughlin even managed to grab himself a lasting sound bite in naming the notorious Tommy Huang "public enemy #1"! Funny....how it turned out later that Brian may hold that title!

Everybody and his mother climbed onto the band wagon and most, who could have really helped, feigned interest.

And where did it leave that treasured landmark?

In the dirt for years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brian McLaughlin wasn't at the rally to Save the Keiths in the late 1980's. It was Lenny Stavisky's asshole buddy, Morton C Hillman.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster......I know Brian wasn't at the RKO rally (and it was held in the early 1990s not the late 80s)!

He merely gave Tommy Huang that title!

And, I agree, Mort Hillman was Stavisky's Dem party lapdog and....indeed .....a horse's ass !!!!

Anonymous said...

The rally was in March of 1989.

Anonymous said...

Was it really 1989....my.... how time flies and Tommy Huang & Sons are now wrecking other parts of Queens !

It's a whole new generation !

Anonymous said...

Sad, but VERY true!