Friday, June 15, 2007

Saving trees in Bellerose & Flushing

It's just nice to know that someone still cares:

17 trees saved on Jericho Tnpk

A Bellerose civic leader was able to save 17 trees on a Jericho Turnpike median from being destroyed after they had to be removed because of construction.

The plum trees, which used to line the median by 251st Street, had to be taken out because the median is being narrowed to allow for a traffic light so motorists can make a turn into the Bellerose Commons shopping center.

In Flushing, The community board also approved a proposal that would ban residents from removing trees on their property. The regulations would make it illegal for anyone to cut down or damage any trees younger than 25 years and/or less than 12 inches in diameter without approval from the Departments of Environmental Protection and Parks.

Community Board 7 Votes For More Green

“In Flushing, we have such a rich history of trees and recently we’ve seen too many get torn down. It has to stop, because we have to protect not only our quality of life but the quality of the air we breathe,” [Councilman John Liu] said.

And LIC is soon to get more trees along a main road:

Jackson Avenue To Get More Trees, Fewer Traffic Lanes


Anonymous said...

I think that the Flushing resolution was introduced to protect trees by recognizing an "old growth zone" protecting trees with trunks that are 12 inches or more in diameter !

Am I correct on this ? Any further info ?

Queens Crapper said...

The article says "less than 25 years old" but I think they meant "more than 25 years old."

Anonymous said...

Thanks "QC" !

Not that you should be able kill "infant" trees (less than 25 years old) either !!!!