Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunnyside soap opera not over yet

In Sunnyside, a landmark dispute

Homeowners are upset to see how the debate has torn apart the community.

"It seems to have caused a divide," said Hillary Fox, a 10-year Sunnyside resident, "which is sad, because that's not what the community is about."

Sunnyside residents fault city descriptions of homes

In one example, the commission wrote that the 39th Avenue home owned by Geraldine Ronan did not have a back porch, but did have a railing to the basement in the front. The city also indicated that the covering on her front porch was historic.

A visit to her property revealed Ronan does have a back deck, but not a railing to the basement. She installed the wood siding on the front porch in the past couple of years.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another tiresome rant by the newspapers trying to stir up trouble in Sunnyside Gardens.

The divisions in the community are caused by the clubhouse and their lapdogs in the press. HDC, to their credit, even had to write a letter to the media pointing out intentional misleading statements.

This is not news. This is an agenda.

A failed agenda.

And if there is any redeeming credit it will be in the ability of the public to see the clubhouse was defeated, the press was given notice, and the public's ability to build on this rare success.

Anonymous said...

The clubhouse has nothing to worry. Since the preservation community sets the signals, SSG will keep their head low and get through the barrier, then hunker down only to make noise when they want to expand their district.

We will not build on their success. If they had wanted the word to get out they would have a program. Instead, each community has to reinvent the wheel, jump through the hoops, and only those with the right pedigree need get by the 'brownstone' ceiling.

Afterall, can't let the great unwashed share in the rare priv., now, can we?

Anonymous said...

Community busting ? Horse shit !

The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the manipulating, griping, self-serving few.

That's what landmarking....COMMUNITY PRESERVATION is all about !!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....if you isolated bitching and moaning anti community preservationists are unhappy.....please feel free to move !

Fiona said...

It figures. Geraldine Ronan stirs up trouble wherever she goes. She lives for causing trouble, unless of course, it serves her own agenda.

Anonymous said...

I love it, she doesn't have time to fill out a form, but she has time to send a nasty letter. What a crank.