Friday, June 8, 2007

Sunnyside landmarking enters home stretch

The city Landmarks Preservation Commission is expected to approve making Sunnyside Gardens into Queens' largest historic district later this month.

Nearly two months after Sunnyside residents largely favored the designation at a five-hour public meeting, the commission is scheduled to vote on the proposal June 26.

Landmarks To Vote On Sunnyside Gardens

You mean this could all be over with soon? Hallelujah!

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Anonymous said...

Expect to see the Doorman at the unveiling photo-op of the new historic district. This is the same Doorman who refused to take a stand on the landmarking question.

Anonymous said...

But....of course! A doorman will always kiss the ass of anyone who tips him!

Mickeljohn & Co. had better stock up on a good supply of Kaopectate!

Anonymous said...

IF we win, it will only be significant IF we build on it, and the folks in the Gardens, like the rest of the landmarked districts in Queens, do not disappear mute behind their mote.

Anonymous said...

It's about time! Let's hope that the Landmarks Commission designates Sunnyside Gardens. After all, the proponents greatly outweighed the opponents at the April 17th public hearing. This may cause several other landmark proceedings throughout Queens.