Friday, June 8, 2007

City loses more than 6,000 rent-stabilized apartments

The city is losing them faster than they can add them:
Drop in rent-stabilized apts

And here's the scoop on a Brooklyn scumlord who forces his tenants out:
'They want everyone out'


Anonymous said...

Oh I get it, we want affordable housing only if its an excuse to get those of modest income to go along with the cult of development that has seized the city.

And in that case, lets make sure they are whipped into a frenzy by talking a lot about it, then delivering about 15% of our promise.

Taxpayer said...

Let's lose all forms of rent control, all form of rent stabilization or any other government interference with the free market

Rent control hurts those who it purports to help, as well as those who operate in the free market.

All other sellers compete for your dollar. Why is it that you have to compete to spend your dollar?

Anonymous said...

If the city can't make it against the law to be poor.....this is the next best thing.

Burn people out of their homes by reducing the number of truly affordable apartments available in the Metro area!

What unbridled cruelty!

All this while people like Bruce Ratner's ass and bankroll get fatter!