Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ideas, energy...results?

First of all, this guy needs a better graphic designer. Blue on dark green just doesn't work. He dropped "from the neighborhood, for the neighborhood" as his campaign slogan even though this fundraiser is actually in the neighborhood. At least he's no longer engaging in deceptive advertising practices. Now, it's hard to make out, but the fine print says the minimum contribution requested is $250 a pop.

That's 9 months worth of food stamps, Eric! How do you expect your constituents to honor you if your price is that high?

This fundraiser comes just before the Council Seeks Sharp Curbs on Financing of Campaigns via a bill that would reduce the amount of campaign contributions from people with city businesses:

Under the leading proposal being discussed, contribution limits for people with city business would be reduced to $250 from the $2,750 currently allowed in City Council races; to $320 from $3,850 in borough president races; and to $400 from $4,950 in mayoral and other citywide races.

Notice how this legislation is being proposed well in advance of the 2009 elections. It will affect new candidates the most, because those holding office now already have deep war chests from which to draw.


Anonymous said...

Crowley and Gioia.

Now there is a dynamic duo that represents Queens.

Anonymous said...

One thing is sad. Years ago community leaders used to donate to charities in their community.

Now they give the money to politicians so they get noticed ...

And the politicians dole out the money to favor their interests. One of the reasons that Queens is filled with tiresome tweeder projects one after the other.

Anonymous said...

"Ideas! Energy! Results!"

Sounds to me like wishful thinking on the part of Eric, Peter, and Michael last summer when the power grid collapsed around them and they spent the first few days hiding trying to figure out how to divert the spin away from development and illegal conversions onto the broad shoulders of the widows and orphans that own Con Ed stock.

Anonymous said...

Most developers don't live in the city, they just crap all over it. So the bill won't affect them at all.

georgetheatheist said...


News from the Press Office of the Vatican.

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI has announced "to the City and the World" ("Urbi et Orbi")the suspension of canonization proceedings for his predecessor, John Paul II (Johannes Paulus), because of a more pressing event.

It has come to the attention of the Holy See ("Sancta Sede") of the existence of an even more blessed personage in District XXVI in the City of New York ("Novus Eboracum").

Great miracles are occuring there!

Benedict XVI: "Miraculum est quod etiam umquam eliget!" ("It is a miracle that he ever was even elected!)

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Taxpayer said...

Dominus Vobiscum.
Et cum spiri Tu Tuo!

All campaign finance laws, regulations, rules are simply about preserving the incumbent and utterly preventing all competition.

Correction: Devastating all competition.

Anonymous said...

Gioia is a slimey little pig. Oink oink there goes Eric playing in the dirt again.

Anonymous said...

Please do not demean one of God's creatures by comparing Gioia to it.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, leave comments like that to the boys room wall at your local high school.

If the public has a rare voice, let us use it wisely. Please don't cheapen it with sophmoric comments.