Saturday, June 2, 2007

First Astoria, next Flushing?

A problem with a feeder line temporarily knocked out power to 763 electricity customers Friday night in Flushing and brought back unpleasant memories of last year's power outages in Queens.

Short Flushing power outage creates stir

Council Member John C. Liu (D-Flushing) said in a news release during the outage, "It's the first hot night of the summer ... People dread a repeat of last year's extreme outage in western Queens."

Notice which areas this keeps happening in...


Anonymous said...

Even more important, notice the areas it DOESN'T happen in:

around DeMarco Park where Vallones and D'Amico lives, around Queens West where the new infrastructure is in place ...

Taxpayer said...

Thank God that John Liu issued the news release, warning of a reminder of last year's power loss!

If it hadn't been for that preventive news release, this outage would have lasted for more than the nearly two hours.

This is modern city governance: issue press releases, have meetings and photo-ops. Problems evaporate. There is no need for any strenuous investigation, analysis and implementation of solutions. Besides, there may be flaws in these and that only leads to re-election problems.

Re-election problems are always a no no!

Alan said...

Liu is a zero and not a hero. How is he going to explain away the fact that many one and two family homes have given way to multi-story apartment buildings in his district, especially on Union Street where CB#7 holds monthly meetings? He rants about the need for more classroom space when he is helping to create the shortage problem. Why is he not questioning the overdevelopment and overcrowding? This article is about infrastructure and the northern Queens community is not prepared to handle all of the development currently going on in his district while he has been the area's city councilman. The sooner he is out of office, the better off the Flushing community will be!!! Power to the people (in more ways than one)!

Anonymous said...

Johnny boy Liu doesn't really give a damn about over development because he's related to that other crook Tommy Huang (his father being the first....remember the Great Eastern Bank fraud job) !

Wasn't that bank started by Tommy Huang's father in law ? !!!!

Anonymous said...

Duh.....doesn't Liu work for Price Waterhouse accounting (???) or something...... in addition to his part time job at the City Council ?

Do the SIMPLE math should be able to handle it!

If you support overbuilding (as your record has proven)...... the schools get crowded, the hospitals can't handle the sick, the police & fire departments' response time is slower (even though they try to cover this up), and the demand for electrical power goes way off the charts !

Not to worry folks.....the only power that Liu keeps his eye on is political juice ! He's running for some kind of office .....and God help us if he squeezes in again !

Anonymous said...

Johnny on the photo-op spot !

That's all that scum bag is good for !