Monday, June 4, 2007

Danger down below

QC finds language used by this investigator is just a bit unsettling:

JFK Pipeline Is ‘Ticking Time Bomb'

"The pipeline's operator, Buckeye Partners, has said that in the event of an attack, sections of the 40 miles of pipeline that run between Linden, N.J., and Queens could be isolated easily by shutoff valves.

The president of Accufacts Inc., a company that investigates oil and gas pipelines, Richard Kuprewicz, said an explosion in the pipeline would probably extend for hundreds or thousands of feet, not miles.

"There have been neighborhoods that have disappeared — a tremendous fireball and tremendous amount of destruction," he said. "It's going to be fairly spectacular, but it's going to be limited."

"Mr. Kuprewicz said he believed that in New York the pipeline was monitored more carefully."
The Daily News reports that:

New York and nation would lose billions if airport crippled

People who live in proximity to the pipeline are worried:

Residents rattled by 'scary' JFK plot

PIPELINE'S PATH: Fear runs right under their feet

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Incompetent irresponsible leadership and lousy supervision with few really significant safeguards in place will, no doubt, be the partial cause of any future terrorist attacks in our city!

And Bloomberg stated last night on TV that we shouldn't walk around in fear......that there are dangers of us "getting a heart attack" but that doesn't stop us from living!

What damn gall! He's safe enough and the rest of us can be blown to hell!

Ever hear of PREVENTIVE MEDICINE (in this case......adequate preventive infrastructure safeguards) you pompous praetorian pig? !!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's some self-serving drivel:

Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 15:05:36 -0400
From: Darrel Sukhdeo
Subject: Press release: Guyanese & Trinidadian Communities Respond to Alledged
Terrorism Plot.

06/03/07 Press Release and Press Conference

*Guyanese & Trinidadian Communities Respond to Alledged Terrorism Plot.*
(FBI/NYPD/US Attorney reveal alleged terror plot by four Guyanese &
Trinidadian men,
with arrests made in NYC and Trinidad on Saturday).

We are shocked by this revelation and are saddened to learn that these
suspects are of Guyanese and Trinidadian heritage. As a community, We
vehemently condemn any and all acts of terrorism and call for the highest
punishment under the law, we must also ensure that the legal system run its
course. We therefore cannot pass judgment on these individuals, except to
assure everyone that we will join hands with law enforcement to ensure that
all of us can pursue life, liberty and happiness in our great country.
We ask our neighbors and fellow New Yorkers not to rush to judgment, and
more importantly, not to paint every Guyanese and Trinidadian here in the
USA with a prejudiced brush.

The Guyanese and Trinidadian communities in New York City have been here for
decades, and have assimilated and progressed as exemplary, loyal and law
abiding citizens. Many serve proudly in the United States armed Services. In
fact, we lost many members of our community on 9/11. A highly industrious
community, we have been primarily responsible for the economic
revitalization of South Queens. Please Do not pass judgment or stereotype us

We invite the NYPD, FBI and DHS to work with us to ensure that New Yorkers,
and the rest of the nation know that this incident , and wish to give them
every assurance that we will assist in our common goals to fight terrorism.

Trinidad is renowned the world over for its party atmosphere, eco-tourism,
calypso and carnival. It is a cosmopolitan society and a nation where
every creed and race finds an equal place in harmony. Guyana is known for
its rich natural resources, forestry reserves, Kaiteur falls and

We, the undersigned, being proud US citizens and loyal leaders and activists
in these communities, hereby ask for unity and understanding as we move
forward to ensure that New York city and every place is safe from terrorist

Glen Magpantay,

Guyanese American Workers United
Chuck Mohan

Trimurthi Bhavan
Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Indo-Caribbean Federation of NA

Coalition Against Hate Crimes
Dilip Nath

Maha Lakshmi Mandir
Latch Budhai

Richmond Hill/Ozone Park Democratic Club
Albert Baldeo, Esq.

Agenda 21
Darrel Sukhdeo, Communities Liaison

Richmond Hill Business Men's Association
Deo Gosine

Chandra Bhatnagar

Dr. Nehru Cherukupali, Int. Exec. Dir.

Prakash Singh, Exec. Dir

Rajkumari center for Indo-Caribbean Culture
Pritha Singh, Exec. Dir.

Families for Freedom
Subhash Kateel, Co-chair

(Roy) Dhanraj Singh
Fed of Hindu Mandirs, Indo-Caribbean Federation