Monday, June 4, 2007

'Bronx Hall from hell'

The state is asking law-enforcement agencies to probe a firm whose slipshod inspectors approved the entranceway to the budget-busting $400 million Bronx Hall of Justice - including a 75-foot canopy that had to be removed for safety reasons, The Post has learned.

The state Dormitory Authority, which oversaw the problem-plagued Bronx development, says Farmingdale-based Materials Testing Laboratory sent unqualified welding inspectors to review portions of the Criminal Court complex on East 161st Street.


QC previously brought you an article that addressed the problems this company has:

Convicts inspecting city schools

Photo from NY Post

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mayor Mike.....
if you insist on running an imperial administration (like Nero or Caligula) then make sure that the engineering and safety standards for building in NYC are equally superior to the ones used in ancient Rome!