Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tasteful Expansions?

"Sometimes, when an attached two-story house adds a third floor it can end up looking ok, blending in with its neighbors. You be thej udge. These three photos are located in Kew Gardens Hills, off Main Street."


The Crapper says "yes" to #1 & #2, but "no" to #3.


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHH.......I agree with the Crapper. The Crapper approves of a building !!!
There is a first time for everything. I am proud of the Crapper.

Queens Crapper said...

Thanks, Brian, it warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

Not bad. It still has the right look. Fair is fair.

We don't complain about every addition all the time (as opponents of Q.C. insist) only the out of place "uglies"!

Anonymous said...

The problem with doing something like this is a bit like speeding or some other vices best left to the imagination.

Its ok on occasion but it used to often can leave more of a mess that expected.

Its just better to abstain, if you know what I mean.