Sunday, March 11, 2007

How's he doing?

When Michael Bloomberg ran for mayor in 2001, he sent out a brochure detailing what he would do if he were elected. One of the 12 pages from that booklet is pictured at right. Take a look at his promises and decide for yourself whether 6 years later, he has kept them.

One Queens civic group is calling on Bloomie to bridge the technology gap that exists in their precinct and we all know that in 2005, the NYPD starting salary was rolled back to 1980s levels and now rookies are finding it hard to make ends meet, so there are 2 promises right there that he hasn't kept. The fact that this blog exists proves that "enforcing quality-of-life initiatives" is not a priority for him, either.

The NY Post talks about Mike's public persona today: 'ALOOF' MIKE TAKING HEAT


Anonymous said...

That "contract" that Bloomberg made with the residents of NYC has, obviously, been broken.

Such promises are not required to be upheld by imperial mayors......particularly this one!

Anonymous said...

Tough call.

Rich and aloof.

Poor and beholded to your masters.

Tough call.

disgusted said...

Aloof? Bloomberg is impudent! He flees NY after the 8 (now 9) children are killed; tickets iced-in autos - AFTER telling owners to not move the cars; tickets a priest while he provides the final sacraments to a dying woman - and while the priest's car has an official placard on the dashboard; strands children in the cold, dark mornings so that some DOE bureaucrat can cozy up with a paying consultant; takes half of Hunter's Point park for a private, personal party for two weeks; permits the rats to run rampant in restaurants; permits the dogs to run wild, attacking and biting park users; has no control over the Health, Parks, Finance, Education commissioners.

This is a short list. This man took the job as Mayor to enrich his development interests. All else, even the deaths of 8 (now 9) children are intrusions by "Little People".