Friday, March 9, 2007

Jamaica plan gets thumbs down

It may be back to the zoning drawing board at Queens Borough Hall:

Unanimous 'no' on Jamaica rezone plan: CB 8

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Anonymous said...

Well....CB8 has got some sense!

I wish the same could be said for #7.

They sold out Flushing years ago to poorly planned hodge-podge overdevelopment!

Anonymous said...

"Other than allowing for increased density [of population and structures], what do you provide for expansion of services?" asked CB 8 member Steven Konigsberg."

Gee, why don't they go to a meeting of CB1 and watch as chair Vinnie "Big Mike" Donato shout down the community, then turn to the rest of the board and say something like "why are we wasting our time here, boys, let's just vote to give the entire waterfront over to massive development and go home early?"

Followed by cries of "Ay, matey" the Pirates of the Hell Gate weigh anchor and sail forth on new adventures of booty and discovery.