Friday, March 9, 2007

Gallagher holds his first press conference ever

Inside city hall, they're renovatin'. Outside city hall, Dennis Gallagher held his first press conference since assuming office in 2002, and Crappy was there. Pinky said he was very excited to have been chosen as Queen Katz' jester and he proudly showed off his new uniform. He said that he hopes to keep her majesty and the public entertained throughout the year and that Queens Crap will feature his stunts regularly. Then he said he had an important meeting with "Bill, Harry and Evan," and he ran off.

Don't worry, Dennis, we'll feature you prominently until the queen's reign comes to an end!


Harmony.COM said...

It's about time someone brought some dignity to the NY City Council!

With his intellect and ethics, this Queen Gallagher will bring honor to the concept of taking bribes from developers.

As for his boyfriend Katz, that bond will be term limited once they both start dealing with the same developer.

Anonymous said...

How about the jester and his court?

Can we include Peter, Michael, George and Eric in our pantheon of heros?

hooper said...

Hopefully his next 'stunt' will have to involve escaping from a pair of police handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

Cannot leave out the community boards.

Perhaps a thread inviting everyone to comment on their favorite appointed Quislings for the developers would make a lively thread.

Schaden Freude said...

Was Manhattan district attorney, Robert Morgenthau at the press conference? I believe he had a letter for Gallagher awarding him a "vacation for four" to Disney World. Gallagher's jester outfit would fit right in at Disney. Was Gallagher's friend, crooked building consultant Ronald Lattanzio there? Gallagher and his buddy Joe could once again look up Lattanzio's hot secretary's and they all could spend a lovely week soaking up the sun.

Anonymous said...

Did he sell any porn after the press conference?

Anonymous said...

Didn't see any porn, he wouldn't be so brazen as to sell that at city hall, he only sells porn in Catholic high schools. I did see however his two sidekicks, the stripper and the swinger.

Anonymous said...

Yes soaking up the sun in Florida with Gallagher's financier Brian McLaughlin.

Jim C. said...

I think McLaughlin and Bloomberg have a time share in Florida; one comes back, the other heads down there.

hicham said...

Who in the world is Dennis Gallagher and why are you writing such bad things about him? Is he a bad man? I don't understand most of what is written here although I love this web blog. I don't think we should rely on politicians to solve our problems. With the exception of Council Man Avella whose door is always open I don't have much use for politicians.
Am I incorrect about this?

Anonymous said...


Councilman Dennis Gallager is part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. Campaign contributions from developers make him beholden to them rather than to his constituents. And his $112K salary is funded with our tax dollars. It's nice that you have Tony Avella representing you, but Dennis Gallagher is no Tony Avella. Enough said.

Dude in Kew Gardens said...

Hey Hicham,

Use the search feature and type in the name "Avella." There are 3 pages of links to posts on this blog that mention him.

Dariusz said...

The Kosciuszko Foundation should denounce Gallagher for what he's done to the Polish flag...

hooper said...


Dennis is an equal opportunity scumbag. He disgraces all of his constituents equally, regardless of race, creed or color.

The Bartender said...

He doesn't disgrace every single constituent. There's one fellow named Jim Beam who goes far back with Pinky, and who says that Pinky will spend all the time he can with him.

Pinky spends so much time with Jim Beam that sometimes he gets very, very tired and falls down. But, Pinky is devoted, and returns to Jim all the time.

Hicham said...

To dude in kew gardens: Thanks for informing me of information on Council Man Avella. He is my Council Man and I feel fortunate that he looks out for people in his section of Queens. As for Mr. Gallagher, there seems to be no accomplishments from this man in the city council. No wonder there is so much anger against him on this site. It seems he does nothing at all. If you search google there is nothing too positive about the man. Does anyone know anything about Sen. Padavan? I met him once and he seemed to be a good speaker.

Queens Crapper said...

Speaking of Google, when you enter "Councilman Dennis P. Gallagher" in Google, look what comes up as #2!

Challanger said...

Here's my proposal: Open a thread titled "Accomplishments of Dennis Gallagher".

This thread would be filled with submissions by Gallagher supporters.

Each entry must state: I love and support Dennis Gallagher because in _____ (year), he ________________(accomplishment).

Are you up for this, fella?

Queens Crapper said...

His civic association already has a message board that will do that for him.

Anonymous said...

Pinky may be wearing a jester's cap studded with jingle bells but he's no fool!

The man is a cunning betrayer of his constituency and, most likely, a bonafide crook!

D.P.Gee he's a piece of crap said...

Hey Dennis P. (is for Pinky) Gallagher, you can’t spell...the word is "Challenger" not Challanger. More proof that you are an illiterate and corrupt piece of crap.

J. said...

Gallagher is a slightly less intelligent version of Ognibene his former boss - and Ognibene wasn't a very bright light to begin with.

Gallagher was the architect of Ognibene's curfew plan back in the early 90's.

One day the 30th will get a real rep in city hall.

Pinky & the Brain said...


This is once again ... Pinky and the Brain....part one

The Brain: This is the earth. And this is Pinky. You can tell the difference quite easily. One is a lump of inert matter hurtling blindly through the void. The other... is the earth.

The Brain: We're going to a place where the sun never sets, the size of your wallet matters, and politicians slave all day.

Pinky: We're going to the Parkside?

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so Brain, but if you replace the P with an O, my name would be Oinky, wouldn't it?

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but if they called them "dedicated elected officials" no one would buy it.

Pinky: Narf! We'll just say it is so and it will be. Remember to salute the flag while you lie and cheat your way through life.

Joe Cimino said...

It is quite disturbing to witness grown men and women, who claim to be the “voices” of their communities, to act in such a despicable manner. While everyone has a right to their opinions and the right to publicly express them, no one has the right to do so in such a wicked, shameful and contemptible manner.

More disturbing is the cowardice of these people, who hide behind anonymity and lack the backbone to ascribe their names to these postings.

I pity the members of this blog site for they offer no real solutions but would rather just spew their venom to malign defame and ridicule those who have demonstrated the courage needed to stand up for their convictions and opinions. How pathetic you have become.

I hope that someday, when you find the courage to shed your mental and moral impotence, you will be willing to “step into the light” and begin an honest and earnest debate on the issues. Then, and only then, can you be considered as a true “voice” of the people. Until then you are merely cowards and thugs, hiding in the shadows and sewers, afraid to face the world.

Unlike you, I publically stand by my opinions and comments. Joseph A. Cimino

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach Du Lieber! I kant schtopp laffing!

hooper said...


Thanks for being so cut n'dry (or should I say cut n' paste??)

First, we DO have the right to express our opinions - in any manner. Period. How dare you suggest otherwise? Would you forcibly silence us if given the chance? News flash - "public servants" are fair game for ridicule, caricature, etc (especially those who alienate their constituents). How many people ridiculed Clinton, Bush, etc? It's allowed, anonymous or not.

In response to your discussion of those who "have demonstrated the courage needed to stand up for their convictions and opinions" I will fall off my chair laughing if you're referring to Dennis Gallagher. What kind of courage does it take to win election against. nobody.. and then take tons of money from special interests and work on their behalf as term limited lame duck? My, what bravery he should be commended for!!! I hope someday soon we will see Dennis 'stand up' for his 'conviction' as it is read by a jury foreman.

As for QC being anonymous, those of us who chose to remain anonymous do so for a variety of reasons:

There are lots of uncivilized people in the world, Joe. When you do things such as report a contractor for building violations or publicize political corruption, sometimes rocks have a habit of flying through one's car window. One's tires may decide to slash themselves. Anytime you try to come between a dishonest person and a fast, dirty buck, you risk intimidation. So most of us will continue post here anonymously, thank you very much. You and I are criticizing very different types of people here - that makes a big difference. Posters on QC presumably do not have any financial stake in development or politics, and we don't wage personal wars when someone criticizes us. So your 'bravery' for posting your name is not really worthy of commendation. Ya feel me?

Some of us may be involved in groups that do good work and receive city funding. Since people like Dennis Gallagher enjoy using such funding as a means to control and intimidate, we may not want Dennis & co. to take anymore money away from children in our communities. Maybe some of us are members of MVMCA. How welcome would I be at MVMCA's meetings if we said I was a supporter of Queens Crap? Or a vocal Gallagher opponent? (It's amazing how everyone in that organization seems to like Dennis so much, but no one else does).

Perhaps some of us don't want an unstable member of city council inappropriately showing up at our home to confront us. It wouldn't even surprise me if a disturbed council member had a private investigator buddy of his dig up dirt on his adversaries and critics, even non-elected ones.

In my case, I work for this fine city, just as I believe you once did. While we have the right to freedom of speech in America, it's funny how that right becomes a grey area when a city employee voices his or her opinion about the city council or the mayor. Could you have spoken out against the mayor, chief, or a councilman when you were on the city payroll? Don't be so judgmental.

Most interesting to me, Joe, is that you can spend four paragraphs ridiculing anonymous bloggers, but you didn't utter a single word in defense of the actions of your friend Dennis Gallagher. Perhaps that is because the actions this so-called "public servant" - who now works proudly on behalf of developers and lobbyists in a wicked, shameful and contemptible manner - are indefensible. I think you know that. Dennis knows it too, and the thing that makes us all so angry is that he doesn't care.

I find it interesting that you seem to want "honest and earnest" debate. Your friend Dennis does not. Why else would he shamelessly attempt to remove every member of the community board that doesn't agree with him - going so far as to interview each one of them and ask them how they will vote on specific issues? Does it sound like he wants honest and earnest debate?

While I criticize you here (yes, anonymously, for the reasons stated above) I think you're probably a decent guy. My advice to you is get VERY far away from Dennis Gallagher. He is not a public servant. He is not a leader. He is not a star to hitch your wagon to, no matter what your future aspirations may be - political or otherwise. In my opinion, and the opinions of many, many others in his community he belongs in jail, and I hope and pray for everyone's sake that he will be there soon. When that happens, it would be a shame for a decent guy like you to have his reputation tarnished by being a known Gallagher crony. I have a feeling you're above that and hope you realize it soon.

As far as offering solutions, apparently you don't read. this blog very carefully - the other day the Queens Crapper suggested:
1) Close developer loopholes like the infill provision, the community facility provision, etc.
2) End self-certification completely.
3) Use some of the $3.9 billion budget surplus for more staff for DOB, DCP, Landmarks, etc.
4) No more slap on the wrist fines - when developers are caught doing wrong, make them pay BIG.
5) Campaign finance reform to eliminate contributions from companies which have business with the city.
6) Recall provision for mayor and city council, boro prez, etc.
7) No upzoning of any area until infrastructure improvements are in place to support the current and future populations.
8) No lobbyist should hold a city position even if it is unpaid.
9) Elected officials cannot become lobbyists for at least 5 years after leaving office.
10) Community boards should be elected by the people just as school boards are.

Let's see Dennis introduce #5, #6, #8, #9, and #10 as new pieces of legislation by the end of the month. No honest council member could be against such ideas, don't you agree, Joe? There is your solution, my friend. If he does that, and gets the legislation passed, then I'll shut up. Ok?

For now I will avoid both the shadows and sewers - I heard there is a pink monster that lurks in such places.

Jon said...

This criticism comes from a guy who is the president of the Dennis Gallagher civic association which allows anonymous comments on their message board from posters with names such as "Bob Holden's therapist" and "SchadenFreude." No one there ever signs their real name to anything. What a bloated bloviating hypocrite.

Lorens said...

Dear Hooper: Nice job in giving Joseph A. Cimino a lesson in civics. Doesn't he know that politicians are fair game? The fact that he is defending a politician makes me suspicious straight away. He's probably a member of a Gallagher club.

Cindy said...

Who here ever claimed to represent the voice of their community, Joe? I represent myself and the rest of the people here represent themselves. It's called opinion. You express yours, I'll express mine. Without a lecture from you, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Lorens, not only is Mr. Cimino the leader of a Gallagher club, he's also his chief fundraiser! Looks like Pinky sent him to Queens Crap to do his dirty work for him. It's good to know that the bastard is nervous. He should be.

Anonymous said...

"While everyone has a right to their opinions and the right to publicly express them, no one has the right to do so in such a wicked, shameful and contemptible manner."

The constitution of the United States of America guarantees your right to express yourself in whatever manner you choose. Your criticism of this blog is your opinion, J.C., just as the views expressed here are those of the posters.

Not a Pinky fan said...

Want to read another opinion piece by Joseph A. Cimino, who "offers no real solutions but would rather just spew [his] venom to malign defame and ridicule those who have demonstrated the courage needed to stand up for their convictions and opinions?"

Read the Queens Ledger.

How pathetic Joey has become.

Truman Harris said...

Yes Jon, you best described Joe Cimino as a bloated hypocrite. I would add "buffoon" to the description since every time he opens his mouth foolish things come out. How dare this trumped up phony civic leader lecture anyone on courage or ethics? Can anyone attached to the Dennis P. Gallagher sideshow even dare write about ethics, morality or doing the right thing? Cimino is the quintessential Gallagher lap dancer. He knows of Gallagher's devious escapades and yet does his bidding without question. Cimino you are a full-fledged political whore who should go down with the rest of the Gallagher sinking ship. Stay tuned Joe when the sorted DPG stories starts to unravel.

Mr. Loyal said...

Joe, don’t let being so wrong get in the way of ranting at the people who pay your boss’ salary – and quite a generous salary it is. For doing? What? In your rant, you forgot to list any of his accomplishments. Is that because he has none, or, your defense of Pinky has its limits?

You call it cowardice for people to post their opinions anonymously. Unlike Gallagher’s own Blog, where those posting an opinion are required to supply their full name. That last sentence was good for a laugh, wasn’t it? I didn’t even see your name associated with any opinions. So, Pinky’s members have no backbone to “ascribe their names to these postings?” That’s what you say, isn’t it?

And, Pinky’s Blog’s opinions are pretty relentlessly vicious in their attack on other people in the community, and their opinions.

In your rant, you omitted to mention that part of the First Amendment that (A) prohibits criticism of municipal employees whose snouts are feeding at the trough, and/or (B) the part that describes the manner and form of the criticism. Your words: “… no one has the right to do so in such a wicked, shameful and contemptible manner” are justified by which clause?

There are no “members” on this Blog. There are quite a variety of people who post opinions, just as you did. Are you therefore now a “member”?

You pity these people because their opinions differ from your (and Pinky’s), so, the opinions do not represent “solutions”. Are you and Pinky the ones who decide which opinions are good and which opinions are no good? So, Pinky, as a tax paid representative, now demands that the employers (us, his taxpaying employers), are to start parroting his nonsense in order for him to properly represent us? Do we also get a share of the developer kickbacks? Do we get to go out and get falling-down pink-headed drunk together?

How have you and the porn distributor demonstrated any courage to stand up for anybody’s convictions and opinions? Your boss is determined to have no opinions or convictions (even the criminal kind).

Unlike you, I perform a spell check before publication.