Friday, March 2, 2007

...and none of it spent in Queens!

The NY Post reports today that our new state comptroller, Tom DiNapoli, is predicting that NYC will not have a $1.4 billion surplus in Fiscal Year 2008, as Bloomie says. Rather we'll have a $3.1 billion surplus:


This on top of FY 2007's unexpected $3.9 billion.

Hey Bloomie, SHOW US THE MONEY!!!!


Anonymous said...

How about applying public pressure on our politicians to use this money, not on tired political agendas or clumsy attempts to try to build up a voting bloc (money increasingly wasted as their target groups move out as soon as they get a chance) but on improving the quality of life?

More cops, sanitation pickups, money for cultural institutions (no guys, break yourselves out of the tiresome senior/immigrant audience), buying parkland (St. Saviour's, Astoria waterfront)

The possibilities are endless (that is if you are not tired and aging.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ackerman's Tribune can hire a decent historian with some of this money.

Anonymous said...

Bite your tongue.

The 'historians' at the Tribune, always with the eye on rewriting history in favor of political agendas, would want it to build the base of that slave mistress Catherine statue.

Anonymous said...

The money's already in Queens..........probably in some politicos' slush funds!

If your good and kiss up to them, you might get some money for ice cream & candy!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe to start up a local historical society or do a zonning study!