Friday, February 2, 2007

Your tax dollars at work

Here's a sampling of resolutions being brought by our representatives at the city council:

Eat up, or get walking

The weight of Fashion Week models affects taxpaying New Yorkers how exactly?


Yes, the word is disgusting, but what happened to freedom of speech?

Click on the photo to read an important message from Eric Gioia. The city council member seems more concerned about people in other nations than he is with his own constituency. How about leaving foreign policy issues to Congress and tackling the problems of your own district?


Anonymous said...

I accuse the government of the Sudan of displacing thousands of people and causing harm to families and communities. It is called ethnic cleansing. I accuse the government of Queens of displacing thousands of people and causing harm to families and communities. It is called class cleansing.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of PC public relations crap this is! My thoughts:

Pass a tax on models that are too thin -how about $10,000 per pound underweight per year. The extra revenue could be used to it to fund more DOB inspectors or improve park space. If the council is going to concern themselves with totally irrevelant issues, they need to find a way to make it pay off.

Re: The N word, what the hell do these 'resuloutions' do, anyway? There's a lot of offensive things I'd love to see expunged from society, maybe we should get the council to stand up and fight against all of them. Isn't that their primary responsibility?

Send Eric Gioia to the Sudan to represent their people. Its great to see he still wants to fight for someone, so let him go there and do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eric, the taxpayers did not pay you to get involved in career building, or indeed, areas that you seem to have no experience in.

However, since you like to express your opinions on all things varoius and sundry, how do you feel about the Hackett Building getting torn down, the massive displacement of the people around lower LIC, and the disasterous handling of the landmark issues on Sunnyside Gardens?

Anonymous said...

Gioia hasn't satisfied his own constituents (front row orchestra) with results, so he's got to address non citizens (top rear balcony). Foreign ambassador Gioia, won't you please accept your diplomatic sash!

Anonymous said...

Ban the "N" word with legislation? Let's ban the "G" word for Italians, the "C" word for Asians, the "K" word for Jews etc. etc. etc.! Bigots are bigots! With all the real laws that need to be passed to improve the conditions of everybody in NYC, this measure raises stupidity to a new height! We already have anti discrimination laws on the books. Please enforce them !