Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Rising Cost of Home Ownership

Here's a way to gouge taxpayers...overstate the value of their homes:

Home Owners Up in Arms Over Assessment Letters

"For all the things you read about programs creating affordable housing, they're killing twice as much affordable housing as they're creating, with the tax rates," Mr. Ricci said. "If the city thinks they're going to build their way out of the affordable housing crunch, they're wrong."

Shhhh!!! They have us all believing that this is the way to increase affordable housing...don't spoil it!

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe we should all turn our homes into churches or some sort of not-for-profit organization then we won't have to pay any real estate taxes! If you can't beat them join them! In one Flushing neighborhood, for example, there are over 40 Korean churches! That's a lot of property off the tax rolls. Guess who's left making up the shortfall? That's right. It's all of the rest of us!