Thursday, February 1, 2007

Queens Village Crap

From Christopher of Queens Village comes images of the corner of 90 Avenue and 207 Street.
"This 2 family house is being constructed much too close to its neighbor.
Recently it seems as if construction has actually stopped on the home not too sure why.
It was formerly a lawn before it became what it is now."


Anonymous said...

Another box full-o-Queens-crap!

Anonymous said...

The thing I do not understand is how a single politician, a single community board, a single newspaper does not notice this.

Perhaps some of the public sould write letters to these parties and share with old Crappie the response or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

Hey, lets write to the AIA Queens Branch. They are always involved in some flap on zoning (always on the other side, of course).

Also, the Chamber of Commerce is always giving out awards. Let's ask them to share their unique perspective with us.

Maybe we can learn something.

Anonymous said...

When the Queens (chamber pot) of Commerce gives out their annual "architectural" awards, Q.C. should award its "Crappie" at the same time to its choices!