Thursday, February 8, 2007

Notes from Brooklyn

Judge Poses Tough Questions to Atlantic Yards Backers (NY Sun)

Plan to raze Fulton St. Gallery stuns merchants (Daily News)

Coney developer's Web site omits luxe housing proposal (Daily News)

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Anonymous said...

The city is under assault from greedy developers, especially the outer boroughs....mostly Brooklyn & Queens! This should come as no surprise. Greater New York was assembled (about 1898) because Manhattan was eventually going to run out of space to build upon. So Mayor Mike and his wealthy friends are heavily targeting the 2 boroughs across the East River for a full scale Manhattanization, begining with the waterfront and slowly (it may take 50 years) advancing eastward. That's City Planning's real plan for our city. Oh, excuse me, it's their city! Keep on fighting the mayor's plan. It can be stopped. Good luck to all!