Friday, February 9, 2007

Developing Municipal Lots

The Crapper has to side with Johnny on this one:

Project Changes Anger Officials In Flushing

Have these people ever been to Flushing? Without that lot, fuhgeddaboutit!

Over in Astoria, another problem has arisen for local businesses who depended on customers who frequented their municipal lot:

Parking is price of progress

This is considered "progress?"


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? That lot is the ONLY place to park in Flushing, and sometimes you're lucky to get a spot there. What the hell are these people thinking?

Anonymous said...

In Astoria, HANAC is building many out of scale projects with no regard to the surrounding communities.

Its funny, yes funny in a pathetic way, that the newspapers only look at the issue of business parking, without breaching the dirty secret that the 15, yes 15 story building will negatively impact the surrounding community.

On 32 Street, HANAC bulldozers stand in the wings with yet another monster, this time a 9-story building for seniors on one of the busiest streets in Queens.

Both these projects in a community that once had three hospitals, and now has only one.

When a senior official was confronted with this fact, he changed the subject.

Anonymous said...

I understand the 32nd street projects was oked by a dozen people in the church where is it being built.

At what point do the other thousand people that LIVE on the block and have to see this every day get a vote?

Anonymous said...

HANAC is smart using churches as the trojan horse to block bust out of scale development.

Who wants to fight a church?

Who wants to fight helping seniors?

Who want to fight once an out of scale building destroys the quality of life on your block?

Anonymous said...

That is just what is needed. Concentrating people with special needs in a building with a fragile electical grid.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any figures on these HANAC projects. I understand handsome 'commissions' are paid out for those involved.

Any public tax monies used in these projects?

Anonymous said...

What is needed throughout western Queens is a moratorium on building until the city can upgrade the infrastruture to meet the needs of the current and future populations. Of course, it will never happen, but it is what is needed.

Anonymous said...

Don't say that. Anything can happen. You believe that and we can all go home.

No group, no matter how powerful, can withstand the pressure of the public from, in part, boards like this.

Reminds me of an old album cover from the sixties "Blows Against the Empire"

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, those relics from the 1960s are few and far between because those hippies have all turned into yuppies looking for those luxury condos we despise so much.

Anonymous said...

Hell, no not all of 'em.

There is still a few around. Come to think of it, that's all you need.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is on the transportation committee. Ask him what he thinks about TDC Corp. cutting out more parking spots from Flushing's Muni Lot #1 project! Yeah sure, the "fix' is in! Maybe if there were some "mice" invollved, you might see him in his own district for a change! He's too busy "cozying" up to the Vallones, I understand, among other things! An awful lot of headline chasing on Liu's part, but very little "doing" for his constituents!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn' believe anything Liu says. He's out for himself not the community! He's turned on a dime betraying them on this project before!