Saturday, February 3, 2007

Calling All Poets

“We are looking for a talented and energetic individual whose writing will inspire young and old,” Borough President Helen Marshall said at a press conference yesterday. Plus, “He or she must be proud to live here in Queens.” Yes, that would be nice.

Poetry fit for a Queensborough

How's this for an entry:

There once was a mascot named Crappy
Who found his borough unhappy
With elected boobs
Who let it go down the tubes
And architecture that is quite scrappy!


george the atheist said...

I love Queens.

Queens loves me.

I'm as happy as I can be.

A happier Man nowhere exists...

I think I'll go and

slash my Wrists.

Anonymous said...

That's a great spirited and descriptive rhyme composed in Limerick form. I'll vote for that. Let's put it to music!

Anonymous said...

A tycoon, who was once full of wit

Fell into some financial shit

He was forced, without means

To move into Queens

Now he's in a hysterical fit!

S.G. said...

How 'bout this one:

There once was a bastard named Pinkey

Who treated his constituents stinky

He sold out our land

With money in his hand

And did some things that were quite kinky.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I say what's the use

Stopping Katz's continued abuse

With builders "canoodling"?

As the Council keeps doodling

'Til D.O.I. comes to cook their goose!

verdi said...

Our Beep's busy seeking a bard

Spouting couplets for Queens will be hard

In a borough this boring

My mind can't go soaring

I'm trapped in my little backyard!