Sunday, February 4, 2007

Behind (6) Closed Doors

You know, you guys in Springfield Gardens aren't supposed to notice stuff like this:

Incongruous Tree Symbol Of Concerns


Anonymous said...

Maybe behind all these low visability basement entrances lurks a new form of underground railroad system for smuggling in illegal aliens??? Spider holes for terrorists??? Sex slave way stations??? Think of the extra income the owner can make (probably in unreported cash) to offset mortage payments, upkeep, real estate taxes etc. !

Anonymous said...

The illegal use of a home in my quiet leafy green neighborhood was recently shut down by the FBI . The case invollved, trafficking in humans and the owner was led away in handcuffs! DOB did nothing about previous complaints from watchful residents regarding the violation of zoning regulations and suspicious activity. My advice to all is to keep your eyes peeled! A situation like this can occur anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Are illegal converted apartments still a problem? There hasn't been much hoopla about it lately, as BP Helen Marshal diverts attention to other matters.

Look the other way? Surely the displaced people of newly gentrified neighborhoods must go somewhere. Also, how will those fortunate buyers of crap or otherwise, be able make the payments?
Shhhhh. Don't ask. No one complains. What problem?

Anonymous said...

Sure they will make payments. You can always shoe-horn immigrants, students, etc. Sooner or later enough people will make even the most miserable shack a gold mine.

Yup, its Gotham Court in the old Five Points all over again.

Anonymous said...

My garden apartment Complex in Springfield Gardens regulated by DHCR laws is, is now being sold off as private 2 family homes. The prior owner, Thomas Kontogannias of Group Kappa Inc located at One Cross Island Plazer,recently sentenced to prison, posted signs "For sale 2 family homes". So now some tenents pay rent to various landlords. Security is lacking since the keys to the security fence were taken from the super and given to some(owners I guess) For the decade that Group Kappa had buildings Its been a nightmare,now another is created. Funny many owners or agents have offices at the Group Kappa location. Same thing with the School scandel involving a building in this complex a few years ago. So many Quality of Life issues in Springfield Gardens and many created illegally,and with no permit. There are many stop work orders that have been issued. The residents of Springfield Gardens should organize and protect our community from these crooked Business practices. Great web site!!