Thursday, February 1, 2007

421-A for small houses?

This was buried at the bottom of a city council press release about their December 421-A vote:

"In addition, the Council will be lobbying State lawmakers to extend new tax exemptions to affordable small buildings, while also capping the amount of this tax break so that luxury development is not subsidized. Small buildings are the backbone of many communities across the City, yet fewer than ever are affordable to middle class families. By encouraging Albany to extend a new tax exemption program to 1, 2 and 3 unit buildings, the Council will be working to provide for the creation of affordable housing in even more neighborhoods throughout the City."

Trying to pass the buck up the river, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, our City Councilmembers are definitely passing the buck up to Albany. But this indicates they're under pressure and clearly feeling the heat of criticism. Keep on squeezing those lazy bums! The full blame for doing nothing regarding "421-A" for small houses starts and ends in the city Council chambers. Don't try to circumvent your dereliction of reponsibility Councilmembers! Start introducing some legislation!