Friday, February 2, 2007

1 year ago this month

"It's a good time to be a contractor in Queens."

Booming Borough

The city is also preparing to rezone large swaths of land to usher in redevelopment, said Melinda Katz, a member of the City Council who represents central Queens and was chair of its Land Use Committee in the last term.

Yes, they only spoke to politicians and developers for this article. Not the people living in these communities. Who cares what we think? The city knows what's best for us. Look at how much we've, grown in the past year.


Anonymous said...

Alley "Katz" Melinda! Still "canoodling" with developers. I guess she misses Hevesi! Not to worry...they live nearby each other in Forest Hills!

Anonymous said...

Again, those folks whose kids go to crowded schools that get a poor education and as a result, a compromised future, should picket Melinda eveytime she attends a public event.

Why is it the needs of the developers who do not live in her district are more important than those that pay her salary?

Anonymous said...

"In Long Island City, the city will begin $47 million in improvements in 2007 focused on streets, sidewalks, landscaping, and street lighting."

In area that has one hospital (where there used to be three), and cutbacks on services, we know that the developers' landscaping is more important than providing services for the people who paid the taxes.

We now know why their services are being cut back.

I guess the working class people of LIC are only good to be cows to be milked.

The ice cream goes to the developers.