Thursday, March 15, 2018

LIC is not having it

From QNS:

Earlier this month, Long Island City residents rallied against a proposal to develop two city-owned lots along the waterfront. But developers are arguing that their plan was made with the community in mind.

Last July, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that TF Cornerstone was chosen to develop two sites that sit on 44th Drive. The plan includes 1,000 units of housing, an elementary school, manufacturing and commercial space, a performance space and waterfront access.

Almost immediately after the plan was announced, residents began to express their disappointment at Community Board 2 meetings, through a petition and a rally held on March 3.

Since the land is publicly owned, residents feel that they should have been consulted before the city finalized any plans. According to the LIC Coalition, the group that created the petition, residents want a portion of the land to be turned into a wetland park. Since the sites sit in a flood zone, they argue that constructing large buildings would make the land vulnerable.

Residents also want to see a community recreation center, “school seats, artist and light manufacturing space, a cultural center, a climate change educational center, job training, space for NGOs and other community benefits,” the petition said.


Anonymous said...

A climate change education center? Jesus people, you live in an actual flood zone. Get your priorities together.

Anonymous said...

What were they waiting for? Over 50 towers have been built over the last 10 years in LIC. Too late people. You sat on your hands for too long. Damage has been done.

Anonymous said...

Rally all you want. Money talks. Rallying nabe residents walk.
REBNY runs NYC! I didn't make the rules....just observing reality.
Just like the open range in the old west...we're being fenced in!
That's kismet. That's destiny....uh....make that "manifest destiny". Developers rule. We are just peons to their privileged positions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"A climate change education center? Jesus people, you live in an actual flood zone. Get your priorities together."

This comment should receive an award.

Gary W said...

They should have also demanded a baby unicorn for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Its so funny seeing all these comments from the hacks working for the Queens Democratic Machine. You stupid jerks - you have left Manhattan people into Queens. Now the fun is about to begin.


Anonymous said...

Ironic, these people got what they got, and now they don't want anybody else to have it. Typical snowflake scum.

Anonymous said...

We need to get axes from K-Mart and rise up in revolt. Chop their heads in two while they line up on the ground to protest our guns

TommyR said...

LOL. At least there's a nod to "light manufacturing" - I wonder if the hope for is local artisanal coffee-bean grinders and beer brewers? HAha....too little, too late.