Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dulcken House doomed

George the Atheist reports on the impending demolition of Astoria's Dulcken House.


Anonymous said...

This is Astoria, primarily a higher density zoned nabe. Waddaya expect?
And, of course , we have Dr. Jack (off) Eichenbaum
as our pathetic borough "historian" who has gone on public record noting his anti landmark position!
Only in Queens!

Anonymous said...

High density zones around New York - and the country for that matter, would save this as a matter of course. Its more an issue of community self-respect. Despite the empty boasts of past glories with 'Vallonians', of vacuous hype in 'We Heart Astoria', this is an exhibit indifference. This is the reality. Few, if any neighborhoods in NYC would to this to themselves.

When Astorians talk about how much pride they have and how they love their great community: think of this picture and tell them to cut the crap.

This is a community's corpse. And it was suicide.

Anonymous said...

Eichenbaum? Who cares what he says. Like most things Boro Hall he's meaningless in the real world across the East River.

The Astoria Historical people should get a medal for this. Their members, and our community, should be proud in their going to bat for us. Who says Astoria is dead? It is alive and well and not about to go any place!

The Astoria politicians are another story. Understand every local politician terminated the society's funding because they chose to fight for our community over this building - like the Steinway Mansion. Now that is a lesson we all should learn in our electeds true agenda ...- and to know that we must support anyone who would go to bat for Astoria.

Next time! (and a big 'THANK YOU' to 'George' who had the courage to take these pictures!)

TommyR said...

what a shame. at least it's been memorialized digitally. could've been turned into an archiva, or community or senior center, now designed to become another prefab-drab lookalike prison block.

Anonymous said...

>(and a big 'THANK YOU' to 'George' who had the courage to take these pictures!)

Photography is not a crime! Never let anyone intimidate you out of taking photos in public areas.

Anonymous said...

Please stop wringing your hands - that the attitude that kills places like this.

Anonymous said...

Costa and the other politicians are buffoons. And the people that support them in their Democratic clubs have no self respect for themselves or the community. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

The Millennial set are a real disappointment. Thought they were billed as revitalizing a community, walking over its corpse on the way to a comedy club is a real joke in itself.

Anonymous said...

we need someone to challenge these local political oafs