Friday, March 16, 2018

Bill's Blissville B.S.

From CBS 2:

Less than 500 people currently live in Blissville, yes, that’s what they really call it, a five-block area in the southeast corner of Long Island City. But they will soon be outnumbered by homeless people.

The Department of Homeless Services is turning the Fairfield Inn on Van Dam Avenue into a permanent homeless shelter for hundreds of adults. More than 100 men already live in a temporary shelter in the City View Hotel two blocks away, and even more homeless families are staying in another hotel less than a mile away.

“People’s cars have been broken into. There have been robberies. People hanging out, asking for money cigarettes and what not, odd behavior,” Perez said.

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said he and Blissville residents aren’t opposed to helping the homeless. The issue, he says, is about fairness.

“My district now houses four times the number of homeless individuals than we produce,” Van Bramer said. “And the mayor’s whole plan is about equity.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the homeless population in Blissville will decline as the temporary shelters close, but added, “We’ll keep looking at that community to make sure what’s done is fair.”


Anonymous said...

It might sound like a stupid question but do these hotels operate in “hotel format” when they convert into homeless shelters? Like are there still staff doing room cleanings and preparing the breakfast and so on? Does each homeless guest have their own room with their own locks?

Joe Moretti said...

AND how about the homeless begin to help themselves with some damn initiative instead of sucking off the government tit and tax payers balls and actually look for work and take the necessary steps to clean up their fucking act made by poor choices on their part and their bad actions in life.

While a small percentage became homeless due to unforeseen circumstances, the majority have not. I mean let's be realistic about this, but of course since the city does no do any type of statistics on the homeless (how many from out of state, how many are drug addicts not getting help, how many have been chronically unemployed, how many are just plain fucking lazy).

We have seen all these damn homeless everywhere and most seem to have been like this for decades.

AND just where are the programs that actually make homeless independent as opposed to continually relying on the governments big tit. Eventually the tit will run out of milk.

JQ LLC said...

The only way you will get a true estimate or even the ratio of the homeless criminals to homeless families and working individuals is if you dig up the body of Jacob Riis and reanimate his corpse so he can go document the human malaise like in his book.

Gary W said...

Send those homeless to Kew Gardens, the people their obviously don't give a shit.

As for first Anon good question. It seems the guests and the homeless are on different floors. When I'm on the LIRR I pass a Howard Johnsons near the Jamaica Station and the same "bric-a-brac" is always on the window sills, obviously a 'permanent' residence.

And the Comfort Inn on QB has rentals, hotel, and homeless. No idea how that works I doubt people would renew their lease.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna get rammed up their asses anyway. You can't fight city hall. Time to move!

georgetheatheist said...

"Eventually the tit will run out of milk."

And then those homeless out-of-staters, drug addicts, chronically unemployed, and lazy fuckers will be coming through your windows and busting down your doors you're going to hope the NRA is still around.

The harbinger of things to come HERE

Anonymous said...

Lets face it - this is a dead end.

The only way to get able bodied people off homelessness is to make it mandatory, and unpleasant - work houses and work camps for the sane and able bodied with a program that they earn points to get out of the system, and severe penalties if they fall back into it, and for the hopelessly mad, wards to maintain them in clean humane conditions for the rest of their lives.

A faction of the cost and a lot better for the general public as well as for the inmates.

Of course it may not employ as many Democrats, and the city would have more funds for infrastructure, but that is the Democratic Party's problem not the rest of us.

Ned said...

George: Its
The rest of your comment is 100% correct, its all coming.
That rumble you hear coming down the mountain is not a train, airplane or superman.

Keep in mind most these protester college kids studying dancing, music and liberal arts with our tax dollars will never find paying jobs. Most are going to be a future homeless population on it own, also 100% reliant on the government for life.
They already blame us, say we "stole" all the wealth and feel they are entitled to what we have and these brats will come through the windows and doors if they don't get it.


Anonymous said...

"AND how about the homeless begin to help themselves with some damn initiative"

For one as soon as you go over around $850 a month MAGI adjusted rate you lose your free Medicaid managed Healthfirst health insurance and Dentaquest. It then costs over $700 a month with a $7500/$7500 DED copay to buy the same shit back as a exchange Obamacare program.
Lets face it none of these folks will be working full time at Merrill Lynch. It doesn't pay to work in NYC unless you can earn over 80K a year. Its much affordable if you can afford and adapt to be poor.
--yeah sounds crazy but true.

The second reason is the mayor WANTS them in parts of Queens

Sunnyside Al said...

Do not expect Jimmy Van Bramer (D-NY) to be much opposition to Bill DeBlasio (D-NY) and his liberal agenda. Show that you are helping the poor and needy while also catering to the elite class. Those who do not like the homeless in Blissville are heartless conservatives who have no place in NYC or its progressive landscape. Take a look at DeBlasio’s eyes when he is speaking in public. The man is in his own world and if you are not a liberal progressive, you are clearly not on his side. Chirlane McCray or Melissa Vivierto-Mark will undoubtedly follow in Bill’s mayorial footsteps while he either runs for president, Senate or governor. But who am I to question a mayor who won 70% of the electorate? A heartless independent, that’s who.

georgetheatheist said...

Thanks, Ned. It is indeed And folks you can easily get there by clicking conveniently HERE.