Sunday, November 26, 2017

Would you like a massage with that gift card, too?

From the Daily News:

At Manhattan Criminal Court, judges are being urged to watch their language — avoiding legal jargon, calling people by their name rather than “the defendant,” and greeting people when they enter.

Defendants will be surveyed on their experience at court — and get a $15 Dunkin Donuts gift card for filling out the questionnaire.

The city is picking up the tab for the program, which totals $800,000.

The gift cards are being given out because research ethics boards frown on having people participate in research without compensation, Mansky said.

I could go off on this in the textbook QC way, but Impunity City already did a fine job of it.


JQ LLC said...

So Tronc did post it on the NYDN website. Oh, well. Thanks again Crappy for the link and compliment.

That $800,000 could have went to vouchers for the homeless or even new unleaded paint for NYCHA apartments.

Anonymous said...


georgetheatheist said...

Dunkin Donuts? What? There's no healthier alternative?

Anonymous said...

Wasting my tax money again !

JQ LLC said...

I updated my post because I have found Court Innovator Mansky's previous work at a high school.

Anonymous said...

Massagee! Massagee! Massagee!
Happy ending guaranteed! Come to Flushing.

Anonymous said...

why don't they do something like that in housing court? The landlord's lawyers wouldn't like it. They get to keep the worst judges in their pockets.

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