Thursday, November 16, 2017

2 Queens slumlords make PA's top 10 list of bad landlords

From the Queens Tribune:

Public Advocate Letitia James ranked two city landlords with properties in Ridgewood among the city’s 10 worst in her annual Worst Landlords Watchlist, which was released on Tuesday.

James’ list is a database that ranks the worst landlords in the city based on monthly updates of open violations. Silvershore Properties’ Jonathan Cohen—who owns a property at 17-08 Summerfield St. in Ridgewood, which has a total of 116 violations—was ranked as the city’s worst, while Meir Fried—who owns a property at 16-45 Summerfield St. in Ridgewood, which has a total of 28 violations—came in at number eight. Both landlords primarily own buildings in Brooklyn.

Queens properties with the most violations included Hillside House Management Co.’s site at 87-40 165th St. in Jamaica—which ranked first and had 383 violations—and Nada Gracin’s property at 150-15 Sanford Ave. in Flushing, which had 244 violations.


Joe Moretti said...

BUT these are always the same folks on this list. I mean really, what is the purpose of this list if the city is not doing anything about this problem or is this list just a fucking reason to justify the position of Public Advocate and the over-bloated budget for it.

I think it is the later. Justify tax payer funded crap that does NOTHING.

JQ LLC said...

There should not even be a 100 worst landlords list. There should not even be 10 or even goddamn one. It shows the utter impunity with the way these scumlords manage their buildings or in these case don't.

James does this list every year and no true justice comes from it. And she left off the biggest scumlord of all, NYCHA, considering the recent expose of blatant lying of lead contamination from the commissioner and bogus inspections of it.

JohnnyNutz said...

Yes, its a pointless position that has no real power to do anything. Whats crazy is the amount of staff she has on taxpayer payroll. What I don't get, isn't a public advocate basically a Comptroller?

Anonymous said...

The biggest slumlord of them all is mayor dumbdumb who put his friends into offices and never had apartments in housing checked for lead. So mayor dumbdumb is the king of the slumlords for letting them get away with everything because he INSISTS on pushing illegal housing permits and contracts that are not up to standards.

Anonymous said...

The same landlords every year; maybe they should put out a pictorial ‘Slumlord Calendar’...Mr. January, short write up on what he considers the fineries in life, have him bare chested, etc.

Anonymous said...

I know Jonathan Cohen—who owns 17-08 Summerfield St.

The tenants are shit smashing everything in the building, massive vandalism and Sec 8s the city brought to his door and now he is stuck with them. They even managed to smash the tile mosaics in the hallways.
Alleys that lead to the courtyard and air shafts are used as toilets, prostitution and drug shooting. Calling the 104 cops does nothing and if he locks the gates at night the tenants makes calls and he gets gets tickets.
It harassment because the city is after his building to make some kind of half house for Rikers Island people.

The other enormous tenement buildings between Seneca and Forest are having the same problem. Its not the landlords fault, its shitty tenants teaching their kids landlords are evil so its "OK" to smash & vandalize everything in sight "on the old jew" ---Some of these people drink & pee in their own hallways and throw bags of garbage down the airshaft !!!
If its not the Sec 8s it the bums facing eviction proceedings and it never ends !