Monday, March 20, 2017

Fresh Meadows eyesore has new owner

From the Times Ledger:

An abandoned Fresh Meadows home that drew complaints from neighbors for years has finally been sold at acution for $710,000, according to the Public Adminstrator of Queens County.

According to state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside), the 50-19 175th Place property was sold at the end of February. Avella has been at the frontline of a campaign to get the home sold and cleaned up for two years after neighbors asked for his help.

Avella worked with various city agencies to get the property cleaned and late last year the public administrator was able to have the property auctioned. The house was auctioned in December and sold in late February.

“I am extremely happy to be able to tell the community today that as a result of the relentless efforts of my office and the incredible help of the public administrator that this property is no longer going to haunt the community,” Avella said. “Being able to get this house sold will certainly go a long way in returning a better quality of life to the neighbors who had to live with this hazardous property on their block. I hope that this sale can also set a precedent for the control and auction of the many other zombie properties that haunt communities across the city.”


(sarc) said...

Have the demolition permits been submitted?

Do we know the property's zoning classification and FAR?

Can you say McMansion?

Be quite careful when asking politicians for help...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry soon it will be the home to 4 families in a "two family house"!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of money for a dump.

I smell a McMansion in the making.

Anonymous said...

More like, can you say "Chinese illegal boarding house"?

Anonymous said...

Going to become a multifamily home with 30 people living there. If it weren't for the Asians East Queens house prices would fall.

Joe Moretti said...

Will be a four story mixed-used building with 8 apartments and bottom space will be a medical place, daycare and any the usual Queens crap that go into such places. Expect illegal conversion, plus shady construction.

LingLong said...

I always wanted to visit China but don't have the money to travel, now I can take the bus to Eastern Queens, because its practically China, why bother spending money on international travel?

Anonymous said...

Joe Moretti is right
Yeah great, now the bulldozers will come and a 6 -12 family CAD box will be slapped up and the street will be filled with cars. Hell it the Trojan principal may be used to flip it into a shelter when finished.
The weeds and whores or kids hanging out at night were a better deal.
Is the new owner from China or Korea by any chance ?

"bottom space will be a medical place"
Yeah, likely some kind of clinic bringing more riff-Raff and cars into the neighborhood. It should have been left alone or gone to a private sale with restriction's. When you do a public auction any scumbag can parachute in and buy it !!

Anonymous said...

"Be quite careful when asking politicians for help"

This Avella was the only hope to get this scumbag mayor out of office yet he has been accomplishing nothing but TERRIBLE progressive democrat changes and accomplishing nothing for middle class people that been here generation's. $750,000 to the citys coffers and the people get a shitty box on the street. Yeah that was real smart and helping the neighborhood !!!
That's it, No more donations from me !!

The mayor is gonna to end up re-elected
We are screwed !! I'm gonna have to move, no saving anyplace in Queens.

Anonymous said...

8 mexicans from the home depot perking lot
1 lawnmower, brooms & shovels
2 cases of contractor trash bags.
1 gallon paint & a brush

Anonymous said...

Any one of you could have bought it but didn't .

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Avella this house would continue to be an eyesore and danger to the neighborhood. He got the fire hazard that was 2 cars in the driveway taken care of, then got the place cleaned up, and then was able to get it sold in the only way possible.

Would it be better if this house continued to rot? This is another example of Avella helping his district 20 times better than any other elected would if you ask me.

(sarc) said...

Anonymous said...
"If it weren't for Avella... He got the fire hazard that was 2 cars in the driveway taken care of..."

So the three cars in my driveway in addition to the cars in my home's garage are a fire hazard!

OH NO! Call the authorities! Ban all of these incendiary terroristic bombs!

Be careful! You may have just given the city council another way towards their ultimate agenda of banning all cars and relegating we, the unwashed masses, to use mass transit and the "beautiful" bicycle lanes!

The only time cars magically burst into flames, are the vehicles found in Schwarzenegger movies.

What a load of "crap"!

Either you spend too much time in your parents basement watching action movies or as I suspect, you are nothing more than an Avella troll...

Anonymous said...

The cars were abandoned and had old papers in them creating a fire hazard

Anonymous said...

Talk about an eyesore, it will look like a big stain on the street compared to a weeded covered dump nobody driving by even noticed.
Anybody with 1/2 a brain knows dam well the city or some politician likely has a back room deal with the buyer-developer. The cars whatever could have been removed & house cleaned up without crooked political & NYC involvement. Now every tree is going to be plowed to the property line and a BIG "Blockbuster" box will go up. This will be followed by people looking to cash out to builders creating the snow balling "white flight" effect.

Likely a bigger mess for years coming now, this when the builder goes 2X what he submitted and ignores building codes, fights with or damages the neighbors foundations and leaves a HUGE mess till he gets his way (like everyplace else).
Those people who made the complaints should have picked up some brooms, cutters and cleaned it up themselves and kept their mouths shut. Now this block is gonna have REAL problems.
A handful of idiots and signatures have literally handed the city the hammer to block bust that street and whole neighborhood involving 100s of homes.

The saddest part is how these dopes have signed their own property's death warrants and don't even know it !! The problem is: Too many trusting people sheeple like this exist on the good streets left in Queens. They will make the same mistakes.

(sarc) said...

Per the Times Ledger Newspaper:

"They also noted the abandoned cars on the side of the house with numerous items such as newspapers."

"...the structure is still abandoned, with abandoned cars next to it, according to the DOB."

"An abandoned car in the parking lot of a home declared vacant by the city."

No where in the story is there any mention of fire hazards. This is merely sensationalistic conjecture from the official self proclaimed "Queens Crap" safety officer and Anonymous Avella troll.

Shall we immediately petition the City Council to create laws, rules, regulations, enforcement codes and fine schedules for newspapers, documents, envelopes, mailings, and papers exceeding the combined sum area of thirteen and one-half pages of eight and one-half by eleven inches?

This could be an incredible budget balancing windfall - all in the name of safety...