Thursday, January 1, 2015

New lampposts for Glendale

From the Daily News:

Dozens of new lampposts will line parts of Glendale, Queens, after a more than decade-long push to beautify the area, state Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. said Monday.

“Our city streets are a constant reminder of our history, but sometimes they need a little upgrade,” Addabbo (D-Queens) said.

The 44 new "Type F" lampposts with teardrop light fixtures will be installed along five avenues between Woodhaven Blvd. and Union Turnpike in the spring.

The project was conceived by resident Tom Pappas and former state Sen. Serphin Maltese.

So the Argentos move in and suddenly the area gets beautified?


JQ said...

glendale is going to turn into southhampton

.at least when the people get priced out of their homes and apartments they will be able to move out at night thanks to broadway stages.

tv,movies and celebrities matter more than citizens.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the $500,000 could have been better spent in the Glendale community, then to change already-working street lights out for these, and these aren't even major streets or commercial strips where beautification projects are often needed.

Its a waste, but then again, the local slugs we have for politicians cant do much better than this. They have no idea how to make real change, so they settle for small vanity projects like this one.

Anonymous said...

glendale turning into southampton, that's freakin hysterical.

other than the ocean, the mansions, the 12th-generation family farmers and the world-class art gallery, they're just alike.

southampton even has a legitimate legislative body with thinking individuals elected! (two, really, town and village)

don't know about homeless shelters, but they're probably in hampton bays.

thanks for the laughs, will you be here all night?

JQ said...

last anon
your welcome,Although I clearly wasn't comparing the towns,but making a prediction.I guess you couldn't tell from the hyperbole.

this should tickle you though,that
since it dawned on some of the electeds that the town can use some extra lampposts not because it will make it safer but for the sake of beautification.Especially since some film and t.v. production company just received some welfare to build studios there.

And I know these actors loved the hamptons,especially south and east.

as for the legislative bodies in glendale's district,they were voted in so they are legitimate.I don't know what they are thinking or if they even do.


Anonymous said...

JQ: a little late, but good answers to my nitpicking.

But on the legislative bodies, I was thinking of the city council. It's not a serious lawmaking body.