Saturday, November 1, 2014

What the ballot questions are about

From Capital New York:


If approved: The constitutional amendment would establish a commission to redraw legislative and congressional district lines, as required by the federal government to account for population changes every 10 years. Currently, lawmakers themselves handle redistricting, a system good-government groups argue leads to gerrymandering. The new panel would include legislative appointees.


If approved: Also a constitutional amendment, this proposal would remove the requirement that bills are printed before lawmakers may vote on them. Lawmakers would still need access to the bills for three days before voting, absent a message of necessity from the governor, but the legislation could be distributed in electronic form instead.


If approved: The state would be authorized to borrow $2 billion for various education purposes. Proposed by Cuomo in his 2014 State of the State, the chief advertised purpose of the bond is for technology upgrades in school districts, which vary widely in terms of their resources. While the funds would cover infrastructure upgrades to support reliable, high-speed internet access and devices like laptops and tablets, there are other allowable uses. For example, school districts might use it to build or renovate pre-kindergarten classrooms, obtain space to eliminate trailers in overcrowded schools or to purchase high-tech security upgrades. The money would be distributed using existing school-aid formulas. Approval of the bond act would also authorize the state to borrow another $5 million for technology upgrades in schools that serve students with disabilities.

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Anonymous said...

Prop 1. If legislative appointees make up this board what is the difference, they will do whatever they are told by the one who appointed them. Just makes for more wasted salaries.

Anonymous said...

How come they don't have a question asking whether I want these illegals kids in the public schools instead?

Liman said...

Prop 1 - who picks the commission? This could easily be worse than what we have now. I say no.

Prop 3 - If the UFT wants it, grab your wallet. They want it.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone actually gonna show up at the polls?

Anonymous said...

""How come they don't have a question asking whether I want these illegals kids in the public schools instead""
These illegal kids will be unemployed urban mega-breeding democrat voters totally dependent on the government for life.
1000s of the young girls are already pregnant, many as young as 12 !! The rest are to wild, bad tempered, nasty and disruptive in the classroom to learn anything.
The lawless king president is PROMISING massive executive amnesty, services and voting rights if the Democrats get an ass kicking Tuesday. "sweeping immigration changes via executive action to change the face of America and insure its survival for life" according to Obama.

This thug with a law degree has gone sick in the head and needs to be removed ASAP or America and it laws will no longer exist !!